Tips to Rule the Roost on DealDash


Ruling the roost means that you’re in control. So are you in control of the DealDash auctions that you’re bidding on?

Being in control of the auctions that you’re bidding on is important if you want to establish yourself as a strong bidder on DealDash. There are certain ways that you can be taken more seriously when you’re bidding. Here are some suggestions from the DealDash Tips Blog.

Bid Early and Often

Many people like to get their bids in early so they aren’t locked out when the auction hits the $5 No Jumper limit. However, many, many people seem to just put in one bid to save their place. Sure, putting in 1 bid to save your place is a good idea. However, an even better idea would be to stick around and keep bidding. This is especially true if there aren’t many people bidding in the auction. If you can establish yourself as a bidder who bids from the beginning and keeps on bidding until the end, then you will be well on your way to ruling the roost.

Let the Stompers Stomp

Stompers are those people who bid directly after you and cheat you out of your “clock time” that you are collecting to get free bids from DealDash. They are extremely annoying and tend to make people quite angry when they do this. I have seen the scenario play out time and time again – a few people will be bidding on an auction, using the BidBuddy so all bidders are getting their allotted clock time. Then in pops a stomper and starts bidding directly after every single person. Usually, one of the “fair” bidders will get upset and try to out-stomp the stomper. This results in both the stomper and the fair bidder to use up lots of bids, get frustrated, and leave the auction.

It makes a lot more sense to simply let your BidBuddy do it’s work and not interfere with the auction. The stomper typically stops stomping after a short while, because they are spending so many more bids than they would if they just used the BidBuddy. For example, if there are 10 bidders in the auction that were taking turns with their BidBuddies, the stomper is using 10 bids to 1 of the other bidder’s bids. So when the other bidders have used 10 bids, the stomper has used 100. This is why it’s a much better plan to just let them stomp, they will tire of it pretty quickly and move on.

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Bidding DealDash can be a fun and exciting experience. Use these tips from the DealDash Tips Blog to help take your place among the more experienced bidders.

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