Play Fair, It Helps You Win at DealDash

There are plenty of bidding styles at DealDash, but the game players despise the most is when someone  doesn’t play fair.  It takes some time to get to know who does it, and new players join everyday, but you can figure out which players to simply stay away from.  They win a lot, but they spend a lot too.

You don’t wan to get into a boxing match with someone, by that I mean a stomper festival.  You stomp, the other guy stomps, and then you stomp again, he stomps again, and no one else is getting in any bids through Bid Buddy because of the stomper fest going on.  You and that other guy suddenly have over 50 bids used, and every one who wasn’t stomping only has 5 used.  It’s a waste of bids and just not fair.  The biggest travesty with Stomping is you are losing the opportunity to earn free bids for your Time As High Bidder.  Plus, you most likely won’t win, the player using the Bid Buddy will come out victorious.  So, this one is simple, if you don’t stomp, the other players probably won’t either.

Your Time As High Bidder (TAHB) is a huge gift from DealDash and it basically rewards good behavior with free bids, for example, if you use the Bid Buddy, you bid when it’s your turn, and if everyone else does it too, everyone gets 10 seconds toward the next level.  When you reach your next level you will receive the free bids, if you stomp, you don’t get the time and therefore, no free bids.  You also stomp other peoples free bids and that really hurts other players.  So, if you are known as a Stomper, you are winning less bids and losing more auctions,  If you let everyone have their free bids, they might let you win this time.

I let people who play fair win all the time, you have to.  It comes back to you.  You have to get to know the players to know who might back down eventually.  Then there is “backing down”,  if you do this for players, they will do it for you.  I’ve been able to win more auctions by letting others win.  You can’t do this with all players, but there are a good number of givers.

Some of the best players are the Seasoned Pros, they have been playing a long time, they have accumulated hundreds of prizes and thousands of free bids, they’ve been around, and they come in two forms, one is a never give up, a start from the beginning strategy that uses a lot of bids.  Others have the Jumper gene.  The Jumper will come in very late and use few bids to try to win.  This activity is not rewarded.  If you are a jumper, it’s plain and simple you will be jumped, and that won’t help you win any auctions.  If you don’t want to be jumped, don’t jump.  That’s fair!

These are a few suggestions to help you win more auctions, good behavior at DealDash is often rewarded, if you play the game too hard, you may not win as many auctions.  So, play fair, win more!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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