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Have you shopped on recently?

If not, it’s a good time to check it out again because DealDash now has some new and exciting products. Over the last several years, DealDash has been one of the best places to shop for and get great bargains sheets sets and duvets. I’ve been shopping on DealDash since Feb. 8, 2012; and I have been able to secure enough queen and king-size sheet sets and duvets for all three of my bedrooms.

Recently, DealDash has added many wonderful blankets as well.

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Strategies for Auctions: Plan to Win

Most shoppers who frequently get awesome bargains on do not just place their bids willy-nilly, but they have a plan of action. If we take some time to simply watch the most successful players, we can learn a lot from them.

Early Bird Gets the Deal

You probably have heard, “The early bird get the worm.” In this case, however, the early bidder gets the deal.

Early bidders are DealDash customers who only place bids at the beginning of each auction. That’s a pretty good plan for a couple of reasons.

First, sooner or later, most auctions will close early. If an auction does close early, that means the players who only place bids at the beginning of an auction will always be sure to get the product for a bargain price. By using only a few bids near the beginning of each auction, these shoppers will also be able to stretch their bids and get a lot of bang for only a few bucks. The only real downfall to this early bidding plan is that these players can only win if and when the auctions close early.

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Why DealDash?

Why shop on That is the question. Why do millions of customers love shopping on this site every day? Let me count the ways:

Get a Bargain 

Where else can we get such high-end, products at bargain prices?  Some products worth thousands of dollars sometimes sell for less than $100 or even pennies. I won several auctions that I could never afford to pay full retail price to own. I also do not know of any other shopping site that gives customers an opportunity to win an auction for a brand new vehicle. What an amazing opportunity!

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Unknown Factors

When shopping on something that could help us save bids and win more auctions is learning how to consider the unknown factors.

The unknown factors are things we do not know about each of the auctions. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Unknown Factor No. 1

Whenever an auction first opens for bidding, we do not yet know how many other shoppers will be competing with us. Of course, if we wait until all new bidders get locked out, we can then count the number of bidders who placed a minimum of one bid and, therefore, are qualified to go for the auction win. If we wait for other players to get locked out, we might also miss out if the auction happens to close early. I usually choose to only bid in auctions with 30 competitors or less. That seldom means, however, that all players who are qualified to bid in the auction will continue to play.

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Earning Free Bids

I love the many ways we are able to earn free bids while shopping on

Mother’s day 2020 promotion

Mother’s Day was a very good time to shop on DealDash because every bid we placed counted four times (4X) on the clock. In other words, the green line at the bottom left of our screen moved four times faster. When my green line moves all the way to the right, I will reach Level 67 and collect 880 free bids.

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Best Times to Shop

Perhaps the most common question people ask me about shopping on is, “What is the best time to bid?”

What is the best time to shop?

Of course, there is no way I could provide a perfect answer to this question because I do not have access to the statistics. Therefore, I cannot see what day of the week or what time of the day or night the greatest number of shoppers are actively shopping. If I were to give my single best response to this question, I would say, “The best time to shop on DealDash is when we have the most time available with no other distractions.”

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Shopping Blunders

Did you ever make a mistake or use poor judgment while shopping on  That can happen to the best of us, but what about a shopping blunder?

According to Webster’s dictionary, a blunder is “making a mistake through stupidity, ignorance or carelessness,” so I think making a shopping blunder is worse than simply making a shopping mistake. Either way, it could make the difference between losing and winning.

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