Jumpers and Stompers at DealDash

So, you’ve been bidding at DealDash for awhile and you’ve noticed two different bidding styles that may annoy you somewhat, Jumping and Stomping.  What I can tell you is, even though it may not be nice, it’s not illegal. There are a dozen or so players at DealDash who jump and more that stomp, but they can be beat!

First let’s define these acts, Jumping is pretty common, especially on the higher retail items.  As you may have noticed DealDash has a “No Jumper” limit of $5, this means that no new players can join the auction after the $5 mark.  A jumper will place one to a dozen bids very early in the auction and then disappear for the next 1000 bids or so.  Now the auction is at $10.00 and they come back and try to out bid you because you’ve used 300 bids or more and now they feel you’ve exhausted your quota for the item, so they’ve come in to steal the item.  This back fires so often it’s hilarious when a “jumper” gets his just rewards (losing) for jumping.

The first thing that goes wrong for the jumper is the auction ends under $5, this happens more than not, but the average jumper will continue to take that chance.  I’ve jumped the jumper, that’s how I handle it. By jumping the jumper, I too, run the risk of losing because I dropped out.  This activity is common among the seasoned pro or when price doesn’t matter and sometimes both.  Some players just have buckets of money, you have to outsmart them, and believe me, they make mistakes, I’ve beaten them all and you will too. The other problem for the jumper is they actually don’t have very many bids so they wait and wait and hope no one wins.  Then they come back and use only 50-100 bids, not the 1000 like others do. They can be beat as well.

The Stomper is another breed of player, usually a new player who doesn’t understand the value of the Bid Buddy.  Your Bid Buddy is the best way to win an auction, it’s an automatic bidding system provided by DealDash.  When you stomp, you generally don’t plan when the bids are being placed, many will bid after every single other bid, this uses bids up exponentially and doesn’t win more auctions.  Often, the problems the stomper will encounter is other players who will stomp them back.  I don’t like to waste bids doing it, but others will just to “teach them a lesson”.  Hey, it is a competition, and as I said, it’s not illegal. It’s just not nice.

The Stomper is easily beat, they usually run out of bids very early in an auction, they use them up so quickly that when their bids are gone….they are gone.  Stomping is not a sustainable system of bidding and most people will finally give in to use the Bid Buddy.  There are however, several players who have been around for a long time who stomp.  Their strategy is to frighten players away from the auction, because if they stomp, you may lose the free bids DealDash gives you for your Time As High Bidder (TAHB). Your  TAHB is time rewarded in the form of free buds by DealDash for bidding.  For every second you are the highest bidder of the auction, you earn free bids, these bids are given when you reach your next level.

So, now you know about Jumpers and Stompers, not illegal, but not nice. In turn, I hope I’ve encouraged you to use your Bid Buddy, it’s really the best way to win auctions and earn free bids.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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