DealDash: Stompers Do Not Win

Are you wondering what a “Stomper” is? If you are, you may be one!  There is a group of players at DealDash who “stomp” bids, and for no other apparent reason, they think they will win auctions that way.

There are a couple of reasons why people “stomp”. The main reason is they are a Newbie, the Newbie has no idea what opportunities they are losing by stomping each other bid.  First, they are overbidding.  They are spending 5 to ten times more bids to win than any other player.  They are also raising the price of the item by extending the final cost higher than it would have ended if it were just players using Bid Buddy.

Sadly, for the stomper, they are losing all those free bids for Time As High Bidder(TAHB).  DealDash offers free bids to every player every day just for bidding, but it’s based on how long your bid is out there.  If you stomp, you will be stomped back and that short bid for TAHB earns much less free bids.

Stomping is unsustainable, you can’t just keep stomping because you will soon be out of bids.  Then you’ll have to buy more and you’re in a vicious cycle, you stomp, you don’t get free bids, you pay more for items, you don’t win more often, you get stomped back, and you buy more bids.  This is not a pleasurable experience.  Using the Bid Buddy makes the experience so much more than just bidding.  You have to outwit the other players.  There is a strategy to playing, and stomping is not a reasonable part of it.

The other stomper is the seasoned player, they are doing to try to scare people away and to be mean.  It’s not fair play as stomping spoils the game.  But the “old timer” stomper gets theirs too.  Usually a newbie won’t be scared away, and they will just stomp back, that creates some hostility between the bidders and they just stomp each other.  Tip: Sometimes I just put in a dozen bids during this frenzy and sit back and watch, because the one who wins will most likely be someone using their Bid Buddy.

So, if you think you might be a stomper and didn’t realize how much opportunity you were missing out on, or if you are a seasoned player stomping up a storm, just remember, Bid Buddy usually prevails!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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