The Social Scene at DealDash

So, you’ve been poking around the DealDash site for sometime, and you’re branching out for information to help you win.  There is a lot of information you could find on the internet.  I started just searching the web, but what I found was these aren’t people who know the site.  I vowed to make my own decisions about bidding at DealDash, and I found the DealDash blogs to be the most helpful.  There are some really good tips and that’s like money in the bank!

As well, the Social Scene at DealDash is alive and well, and on the DealDash Facebook page you can see actual players who’ve really won prizes!   There, players share what they won and how much they paid for it.  You can see their smiles and track wins of other players.  It’s an anonymous system, what ever your name is on Facebook is what the players see.  No ones username is revealed…..that is, unless you want to.

DealDash even rewards players with free bids for sharing photos of their wins.  All you need to do to claim the free bids is to snap a photo of you with your win, you can post up to once a week and earn up to 350 bids for your photo.  The number of free bids is determined by the retail value of the prize you won.   If your win is less than $99, you will receive 30 free bids,  $99-$198 is 225 free bids, and $199 and up you will receive 350 free bids.  One player a week will also win 1000 for the “Best Photo of the Week” contest.  Each Monday they post the win on the Facebook page.  They also post it on the DealDash main page, where you’ll find it at the bottom of the page listed with the blogs.

Make the picture entertaining, they really like a “bust” type shot with the item front and center.  It helps if you smile!  They also like it when you have the item in use.  Take a clear, non-blurry picture.  Try not to use a flash if possible.  If your item is really big, try to get the whole item in the photo from a distance.

Here is a great example of what makes a winning photo.

The Facebook Page is a fun place to see other people, but DealDash also uses the page to place articles about current events, or to talk about the brands they carry.  A place to get inspirational quotes and find human interest stories.  DealDashes Facebook page has real-time reviews by everyday players.  Where you can share your winning experience or voice any concerns and see real-time solutions.  DealDash reaches out to many players daily who comment and it’s a truly interactive experience.

Go to the DealDash Facebook page and “like” it!  Join the fun and post your wins for free bids!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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