The Social Scene at DealDash

So you’ve visited the DealDash Penny Auction site, you have a username, you came up with a a classic comment and started bidding.  Now that you’re in love with entertainment shopping, you can share your enthusiasm with other players using social media, and for doing that DealDash will reward you with free bids!

The DealDash Facebook Page is a comprehensive, real-time site where you can enjoy seeing other players wins and fun commentary from the DealDash Community.  There is an outstanding staff at DealDash who lovingly care for their social media pages.  There you will find information about up coming sales and current events.

They think of everyone and comment on holidays and American celebrations.  You can see comments and reviews from other players and place comments yourself.  DealDash loves to hear about your wins! They also love to hear about your experiences.

There are a couple of ways to find DealDash on Facebook, they also have a “Reviews, Tips and Strategies Page &  DealDash Secrets Page, here you will learn about other players experiences, DealDash Sales, DealDash Representative Articles, Current Events, and any one’s experience from DealDash.

Once you “Like” the DealDash Facebook Page, DealDash will “Like” you too. Then you will see many of the DealDash postings, but they don’t bomb your FB site at all.  It’s all within an acceptable level of contact.  When you are connected to DealDash though Social Media and you have an active DealDash Account you become eligible for their Photo of the Week Contest which could show up on any of their social media formats.

DealDash also uses Pinterest and Twitter. But what you need to do to enter the contest is take a photo of you and your prize, keep it simple, a “bust” of yourself with the item by your smiling face.  Tip: That’s DealDash’s favorite photo for wins.

Then email the photo to [email protected], send it as an attachment and include a comment like, “I won this $225 PingPong Ball Table for $8.95 plus 100 bids, I saved 95% and it was shipped free! Thanks DealDash!’  That is a very boiled down comment.  Get creative, make your comment stand out, Deal Dash will notice.

The Pinterest and twitter are also a way to connect with other DealDash players, but there isn’t much action that goes on there.  I like to post my wins to my Pinterest page, but it’s just for me, not really connected to DealDash,  the truth is, I love DealDash and it has brought so many quality items to my home that I would never have gone out to buy, but since I won it, I love it!  Like, my Hot Tub, Metal Detector, , Mountain Bike, Racing Bike, countless Handmade Clocks, over a dozen appliances, and many handbags. That is just a sampling of what I win all the time at DealDash.

What you need to do is get your smiling face out there to DealDash, they want to show it off and give you 1000 bids for doing it.  Just for submitting the photo DealDash will give you up to 350 bids, then you are entered in the contest for Photo of the Week.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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