Pay Attention to the Technology at DealDash

If you’ve seen the television commercials for DealDash, and who hasn’t? Then you know that you can win a tablet for less than $10, and it says in the commercial, “not typical results”.  Lately, I’ve been thinking if winning a tablet, my husband needs a new one.  So I’ve been watching the auctions, and what I’ve seen is it can be typical results because they sell for less than $50 all the time, there is always one or more tablets on the site for sale, and they do go for low prices. Not every one, but a good amount of them.

They have a great variety of tablets, in all different sizes and brands.  They carry everyones favorite.  Now I start my research for the correct one for us, the shopping is half the fun.  When I find a tablet that I like, I will set the “Alert Me” tab which is found in the individual auction.  You’ll find it right below the Bid Buddy.  This tab will have DealDash send you an email three days before the auction starts, they will send you another one a day earlier and one just before it starts.  It’s a perfect trilogy of notifications, it gives you time to plan to get the lowest price bids over the next few days, and make your purchase then.

Planning is so important.  Sure, you can show up at DealDash and win a bunch of items you like for yourself or family or friends.  But, when you really need something, it’s best to plan, the best time to bid, the right sale to suit your needs.  Who is in the auction? All this information will help you win and make you a better player.

I will say I was pleasantly surprised to see how reasonable all the tablets go for at DealDash.  It’s all fair, and if you don’t win it, you still have the option to purchase the item with the DealDash bid back promise.  If you Buy It Now, known as binning or BIN, you are given your bids back.  DealDash never wants any player to go away empty-handed.  So any auction you bid in comes with the BIN promise.

So seek out your favorite tablet, your best time and get your bids on sale.  Tip: go to the DealDash Facebook page to see what sales are current.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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