How to Get Free Bids on DealDash: Post to Facebook

winners of week dealdashAre you looking for free bids on DealDash?
A simple way to earn free bids on DealDash is by submitting a good qualty photo of you with an item you won to the DealDash Facebook page. Make sure your photo is one you would be proud of because each week DealDash will select the very best picture and award the winner with a $500 gift card of choice to the winner.
 Earn Free Bids by Posting Your Photo to Facebook Guidelines: 

  • If the item value is $199 or above you will receive 200 Free Bids!
  • If the item value is $99 to $198 you’ll get 75 Free Bids!
  • If the item value is less than $99 you’ll get 10 Free Bids!

Not only will you get free bids just by sharing a photo, if it’s a great picture and DealDash chooses it as the Photo of the Week, you’ll win a $500 gift card. Choose between, Walmart, Target or Macy’s. 
Congratulations to Lorraine Case, week 12 winner of the $500 gift card. She won a Rug Doctor Might Pro X3 for just $0.01 – One bid! And she was really creative with her photo with her thank you DealDash sign. We can tell everyone, including the kitties will be happy about her win!
Facebook Photo Posting Steps
1.) Select an item you won on DealDash to feature in the photo.
2.) Take a high quality photo that cleary shows yourself with the item you won.
3.) Post the photo to the DealDash Facebook page and include a description describing the item, final sales price and number of bids used.
“I got this ITEM NAME for ITEM PRICE and only used NUMBER OF BIDS on #DealDash and a personal comment about the win. Also, please include the following sentence: See how much you can save at
Here’s a great example of this:
DealDash bidder Austyn Irvin won a pair of Red Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and shared them on Facebook, since the value exceeds $200 he will get 200 free bids and since his description is clear and photo good quality, eligible to win the $500 gift card.

DealDash Winner

See his description? It follows the guidelines!
Again, it’s really easy. Just say what you won, where – On Dealdash, with how many bids you used to win them, that they came with free shipping and what you are going to do with them or why you like it!
“I got these Red Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Wireless On-Ear Headphones for $8.96 on #DealDash and used 33 bids, it came with free shipping and now I can listen to music without a cord bothering me! See how much you can save!”  

What did you win on DealDash this week? Be sure to post your photo to Facebook to get your free bids!