Six Wins, One Day, Under $1 at DealDash

It excites me to share these fantastic wins which I had in one day at DealDash.  This was a great day of bidding for me, the timing was right, and I won a lot.  The site was really crowded, but what I noticed was players getting involved in too many auctions at once, and losing as a result of it.  So, for me, this was a boon.

You do need to pay close attention to the auction to win them under $1.  It won’t work if you place 10 bids in every auction available at once.  Spreading your game too thin rarely works, at least for me.  Others my win this way, but they are burning up many bids to do it.

The way to get all these low bid wins is to watch the auction closely.  Bid in one auction at a time.  That is key to the success.  You can’t simultaniously physically watch more than one auction at once.  So, to your benefit, stay focused on one at a time.

Another key to winning with just a few bids is to only use a few bids.  This helps you win for less.  If you stay involved in an auction which will go high, you will use all your bids.  So only use a set number of bids per item.

I usually set a number of bids for myself that I won’t exceed if I’m bidding, say 25 bids.  If I don’t win by 25, I drop out, with the exception of being in a battle with only one other player.  And even then, if I don’t win in another dozen or so bids, I will back out.  Nothing bugs me more that using too many bids on an item I know others have won for pennies.  If I’ve seen it go for .12 cents, I want it around .12 cents, so if I don’t win by .12 cents, I’m out… usually.

Tip: Don’t do that every time, if you do, others will know your game.  You have to battle once in a while so others know you are serious about bidding.  That being said, there are many players who play only the front end of an auction, and they win a lot. That’s also a indicator that winning prices are low at DealDash.

Let’s take a look at my great day: I won other items, but not under a dollar, and I used many more bids.  These wins are the successful result of my strategy. Every win is shipped for free.

  • $445 Rustic Tri Pod Floor Lamp- 24 bids, $0.76 cents
  • $209 Handmade Storage Case- 24 bids, $0.67 cents
  • $165 Sterling Silver 18K Gold Plated Crystal Necklace- 19 bids, $0.52 cents
  • $329 14-pc. Amuse Bouche Serving Set-17 bids, $0.46 cents
  • $254 Crystal Sommelier Wine Glasses – 2 bids, $0.33 cents
  • $1642 Metal Art Wall Decor-16 bids, $0.85 cents

A wonderful group of prizes valued at $3044.00 and I paid only $15.30 for bids plus$3.89 for prizes. Each item will be shipped free.  So, stay focused on one item, and don’t exceed a set number of bids.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!Visit-Site12 (1)