DealDash Secrets: Memorial Day Sale 2016

Every week DealDash has a wonderful sale designed to help players win.  Really, really, they want us to win.  I have had a wonderful opportunity to speak with the founder and CEO, William Wolfram.  He is an intelligent and caring person.  His quest to help people win auctions is admirable.

Mr. Wolfram wants us to win, he wants us to have free bids and come back.  I have personally been to many other penny auction sites and never have I had so much luck and success than I’ve had at DealDash.  Other sites are interesting, but none can compare to the fun and high action you will find at DealDash.  There are so many opportunities to win free bids and prizes!





First, we all want to earn FREE BIDS!  DealDash gives us opportunity to win bids by simply bidding.  They will give you free bids for every bid you place.  There is a “Bid Meter” and that tallies up the time you are “bidding” on the site.  For every “bid” you place you get about 9 seconds of “time”.  This time accumulates and when you reach the next “level” you will be rewarded with free bids.  This is just a given at DealDash.  THE BIDS ARE YOURS AND THEY ARE FREE!

So, when you are thinking of signing up for DealDash you should know that it is a fair and honest penny auction site and you will win more prizes than you could ever imagine!  I promise.  It often feels like Christmas around my house with all the deliveries!

Ok, this weekend at DealDash is one of my favorite sales.  First if you have time to bid this week May 25-26 you will earn 4X the Free Bids Multiplier, and then staring Friday bids will be only .13 cents and all wins are FREE!!

Saturday the bids are only . .13 cents and wins are free

Sunday bids are .12 cents and wins are free

Memorial Day bids are .12 cent and wins are free plus 25 auctions start at 2PM

It’s always a fun frenzy of bidding when they release multiple items at once.  This is a great time to shop ahead.  Know the items you will bid on and place your bids in several auction, one or two may end in just a few bids and you are a huge winner!

Tip: Go where the crowds are not.  If everyone is bidding in the 25 at once, go for the prizes that are not in that sale.  The opposite could bring you greater wins!😉

So let’s recap this sale:

Wednesday and Thursday 4X Multiplier and bids are .13 and .12 respectively.  Free Shipping, as always.

Friday bids are .13 cents and all wins are FREE plus Free Shipping

Saturday bids are .13 cents and all wins are FREE plus Free Shipping

Sunday bids are .12 cents and all wins are FREE plus Free Shipping

Monday, Memorial Day 2016 bids are .12, all wins are FREE plus Free Shipping and 25 auctions start at 2PM.  A Fun Free For All of Prizes!!!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!