Eight Wins Under $2 in One Day at DealDash

The title of this article speaks truth for me now more than ever at DealDash, the new No Limits on Wins feature is an outstanding bonus to the player, and I have had so much fun winning as much as I want any day I want.  I treated this new event like I was a “Newbie”, playing the prize field under $200, these are generally shorter and close lower than the big prizes.  I was giving myself a chance to re-learn the field before diving into the big prizes again.

I’m glad I did because I was able to figure out that there are less people in the small prizes now because the players are spread out over the field.  Since you’ve been able to win as many prizes as you like any day, players who used to only stick to a certain price range have branched out.  The only prizes that seem to still be as busy are the very popular items that everyone wants, you have to get involved with the auction and see how many people join.  You can tell how many people are in the auction by looking at the group of Avatars in the auction.  When the auction reaches $5 no one else will be able to join.

Getting to know the competition at DealDash is also helpful but less necessary than ever, you can see who is winning on the Winner’s List, once someone wins an item, they may not win it again for a week, so you can go bid after items on the list.  Open them, see how many people were in the auction and who the winner was.  This is good information to know.  Now go after that same prize.

Let’s get to these prizes I won, I can tell you that I also won several other items between $3-$5 they aren’t on the list but we can add them to my number of wins in one day!

$150 -18K Gold Plated Ring, size 7- won for .86 cent with 55 bids

$245-Heavy Duty Pack Pack-won for .30 cents with 10 bids

$265- Candle Holder-won for .93 cents with 27 bids

$370-Pet Bed- won for $1.34 with 39 bids

$150- 18K Gold Plated Ring, size 8- won for .38 cents and 10 bids

$268- Handmade Purse-won for .53 cents and 22 bids

$339- Handmade Ottoman won for .14 and 4 bids

$229-Power Bank- won for $1.19 with 34 bids

I won $2016 worth of prizes and more in one day at DealDash, that is more than fair!  My total spending was $5.67 and $28 for bids.  A total savings of  $1982.00!

I have so much fun bidding every day, I don’t always win this much in one day, but I do win this much often.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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