DealDash: Half a Dozen Prizes in Six Hours

It’s true!  It’s so easy to win at DealDash and with the No Limit on Wins, you can win as much as you want. Plus, DealDash features different sales throughout the week and this past week during a All Wins Free event, I won six prizes for only one penny each.   The way the free event works is you bid along with all the other players and the price of the item goes up one penny at a time until the last bid is placed, but no matter what the closing price, you pay only a one penny transaction fee, DealDash picks up the rest!

Bidding during the Free events can be a little tricky.  First, the site is definitely busier when all wins are free.  Everyone wants to win for one cent, let’s face it, it’s fun!  What I try to do is stay focused on the smaller items that are generally easier to win on any given day.  These are items similar to small jewelry, simple camping gear, like a lantern, small lamps, fashion items like a purse or some perfume.  These all make great gifts and I have won everything on that list with just a few bids.

During a free event you may encounter a lot of people who will come back into an auction after many players have 100’s of bids in….that is if they get a chance.  The risk involved with doing that is the auction may end while you are off bidding in another auction.  The following list of wins each cost me only one penny and a few bids, if I had dropped one bid and left, I wouldn’t have won them.  Basically, my strategy is to simply back out completely if I don’t win the item with the minimum number of bids, which I like to predetermine.  I make an estimate of how few bids I can win an item with and I try to stick to it. At times you may need to add more, especially if the auction is down to you and one other player, that’s when you hang on.

For a total of 318 bids I won these great prizes.

Small Table Clock $350- 49 bids

18K GP Crystal Ring $150- 6 bids

Hand Glazed Vase $225- 90 bids

Wool Ball Cap $85- 64 bids

Wool Beanie Hat $45- 5 bids

King Size Comforter $120- 104 bids

Nearly $1000 dollars worth of prizes won in less than six hours all during a free event and I paid about $45 for everything.  I do it by staying involved with an auction, sticking to one item at a time, and keeping to my limit on bids.  Most items on DealDash come up for sale several times during a day, so for that reason, always know, there is another on right around the corner.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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