DealDash – Easier To Win II

When you are bidding at DealDash it’s a lot of fun going after the really popular, high ticket items, but they require time,  patience and a pile of bids. Sometimes it’s just fun to go after the easier to win items.  Here I detail several fun items that could be won easily with less than 200 bids.


under 100 taoster HB

If you are just getting started at DealDash, or if you’re a seasoned pro, once in a while it’s nice to win a bunch of items quickly.  This is also a good practice if you are bidding on a budget.  Start with a 200 or 300 bid pack, stay focused on just one item at a time, and make sure it’s something you want or need.



When you’re bidding on a budget, it doesn’t make sense to 1. get involved with a stomper, or 2. stay involved in the auction.  So you have bowed out and one of the stompers did win, at least you left with your dignity…and your bids for another auction, and you still have the opportunity to earn free bids with your bid meter.

under 100 bid pacSmall Bid Packs will usually end at just a few cents, one exception is a Newbie or sometimes an Old-Timer who has a must win attitude. They haven’t learned or don’t care that this is a few cents item. So if a long battle ensues for a small bid pack, I would back out after 10-20 bids otherwise it just doesn’t make sense to keep bidding.

under 100 Plano fish 61

The dollar amount of the prize matters too.  They higher the value, the more bidders, so stay away from those items, remember above everything else, this is about winning an item with less than 200  bids.  So take action to conserve bids.  This means, jumping out when there is a reckless player, use your Bid Buddy even if you’re only throwing in a few bids, I’ve won a lot of auctions for just pennies with this practice because everyone else is throwing in manually and I have the Bid Buddy racked up, I win!  Watch the auction, you really want to keep an eye on all the players to learn their playing habits.


under 100 tools

Newbies do one of two things, 1. They stay in too long and overbid, unfortunately, no one wins that way. or, 2. They leave and forget to come back. They probably blew  their  200 bids while they were waiting to bid. If you want to win you have to stay with the auction.


under 100 waffleAnd lastly, if there is an item you really want, or perhaps need, don’t jump out of the auction to conserve bids, only to go throw them away in a different one.  Stay focused on the item you want.

It is possible to win plenty of items using less than 200 bids, you just need to plan and shop smart.  Use patience and perseverance!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding Under 200 Bids!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.