How Does DealDash Work?

Let’s start by saying that DealDash is the most fun you’ll ever have shopping.  But, what kind of shopping is it?  This is Entertainment Shopping.  You pay to play and your may or may not win the prize you are going after.  Many, many players win items for just pennies, dimes or a couple of dollars.  There are items, like iPads, going to up to 90% off.  You’ll need an account and a username, and you’re off to play!

The way it works is you buy a bid pack, bids are usually between .12 cents and .16 cents on sale everyday at DealDash.  Your first bid pack is $36, but once you have an account, you will have access to the membership price of the day.

You get involved with an auction that you are interested in, by placing a bid, which is worth the .12 cents you paid for it, plus the price of the item goes up by one cent per bid.  So you bid, it’s one cent, the next guy bids, it’s two cents, the next bid three cents, and so on until the last bid is placed.  No one knows exactly when the auction will end, it depends on the number of players, and the tenacity of their game.

In the beginning at DealDash, while you’re trying to get used to the site, try to bid only on small items which are valued less than $200. One reason is the auction will end soon, there are usually only a hundred to 700 bids placed in total for an item.  You won’t have to wait hours to win an auction, and you’ll be able to see how the auctions finish up.  Once you’ve bid in several auctions, you will be more comfortable going for the other items, over $200.  There you will potentially spend many more hours on an auction, especially if the item goes up to $150, that’s 15000 pennies!  You will have to be one of many players to fulfill that closing price.

If  you don’t win the item at DealDash, but you used a bunch of bids trying, you can purchase the item and DealDash will refund you the number of bids you used.  So, you do end up with you item, and now you have the bids to go on to win another item.

When you win an item, DealDash will ship it to you for free.  If you purchase an item, shipping is free then as well.

As you can see it’s easy-peasy to get started playing and shopping at the greatest Entertainment Shopping site.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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