New Toys From DealDash

robot-74DealDash has been adding a whole bunch of new items lately, but this time of year I think talking about toys makes a lot of sense. You will be delighted to see all the special items coming on the market.

road-race-set-78Any and all of these items are considered “special” because they don’t come on the market every day.  There are many items that do come on the market every day, and you will learn to know the difference between an every day item and a special item.

hot-wheelsSpecial items at DealDash are usually very popular, and the best way to win them, is to stay completely focused on the one item.  You want the item, and you’re in it to win it.  Stay in it!  This is a good strategy if you can Buy It Now, this is an option offered by DealDash where you can bid on an item and purchase the item to receive your bids used back.  It’s a perfect option for someone who is really shopping, and not just trying to win auctions.

doll-house-146These toys are creative and unusual, you can always find a little something special at DealDash.  These are prizes that you have to plan to win.  By plan, I mean schedule it and show up for the auction.  If it is a rare item, that only comes on the market once a week, you’ll want to be present to get your Bid Buddy set-up.

DealDash provides an “Alert Me” option.  This is a button in the auction. As soon as an item appears in the search bar, choose the alert me button.  They will then send you an email update when the item will be scheduled.  Then you set an alarm and show up for the auction.

bat-mobile-elec-ride-220You can also set a bookmark on DealDash if the item is schedule for in the near future.  The bookmark is on the main page of each auction, it’s a little white star in the right hand corner of the auction.  Click the star, it will turn yellow, and you’ll know it’s set.

So, bookmark your favorite auction,  use the Alert Me tab for those special items, stay focused on one auction, and don’t get involved in too many auctions at once.  And surely, if you don’t win, use your Buy It Now option, you get your item, and your bids back…win-win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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