Shopping With a DealDash of Entertainment

If you’ve tried DealDash you know that this is the most fun you’ll ever have shopping, but if you’re new to the game, it’s ok, it’s more than just shopping, it’s entertainment shopping at its finest!  Don’t be afraid to get in there and bid on everyday items. If you need an item DealDash has for bidding, why not try to get a great deal while having fun doing it? No reason at all, just do it!

Go Shopping first, set your sites on some of the amazing deals you would like to win and bookmark them.  You can do this a couple of ways, first, click the star in the upper right hand corner or place a bid in the auction, that is another way to do it.  The item will then stay on the top of your DealDash front page, then wait until the item comes on the market and bid!

Some people might call it flat-out-gambling, but with gambling you don’t have anything to show for it in the end and a casino won’t let you buy a deck of cards and get your money back.  This is shopping because if you don’t win it you can buy the item (called Binning) and get all your bids back.  So you only take chances if you don’t plan on buying the item, that’s why I suggest, especially in the beginning, you bid on items you really need.  Once you feel more comfortable bidding, you can branch out to larger ticket items.   The journey is half the fun, but really winning is the best.

When you win a prize at DealDash a splash of fireworks lights up on your screen announcing “Congratulations!” You won…..item description!! I have won so many prizes with just a few bids, it’s crazy fun! You might wonder how DealDash makes any money, well they do make a living by selling bids, the site currency, and by selling items for the retail price.  They offer great deals on bids everyday and carry exceptional products.

The quality of the products at DealDash is the best on the market, and for items like a toaster, coffee pot and many other everyday items they are actually the same products you will find at the mall, only you don’t have to get in your car, and any time I can get a great deal and avoid the traffic, I’m in and DealDash has filled the bill!

Not only that, I used to dread Christmas shopping, no time, no real deals always waiting to the last minute, but now that I shop at DealDash, I am done with my Christmas Shopping by October.  Tip: Although you can get items right up until the last moment with DealDash, don’t wait until October to start you holiday shopping, it’s too close and you may waste bids in desperation.  You want to get the deal, and you can do it at your own time all year long.  It’s so nice to enjoy the holidays knowing my shopping is done.  , Another great deal at DealDash is they ship every item free, so you’ll never pay a dime for gift delivery!

You can feel good about shopping and spending a lot of time at DealDash, you are getting your items and having fun doing it. Never underestimate the BIN (buy it now) it gives you your item and the bids used back.  No casino does that! Deal Dash IS Entertainment Shopping at the finest level on the internet!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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