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America loves coffee, and so does DealDash. There are so many ways to enjoy coffee. Here are a few…

Living in New England, everyone loves Dunkin’ Donuts. When I first moved here from North Carolina, I was shocked at how many Dunkin’s there are in and around New England. I once counted seven on a short drive to visit a friend who lived one town over from me. Seven. Now that’s crazy! If you love Dunkin’ as much as my fellow New Englanders, it’s a good thing that DealDash offers Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards. I have never been able to snag one for an awesome price because they are so popular, but I am always happy enough to BIN (Buy It Now) and get to keep the clock time that I earned towards free bids.

When you go out and buy coffee, do you like it hot or iced? I am almost ashamed to admit before I moved here I had never had an iced coffee! However, now that I have been living here for so long an iced coffee is part of my daily routine, even in the winter with two feet of snow on the ground.

If you like iced coffee, too, did you know that you can make it at home with your Keurig machine? They have special K-cup pods that are meant to make iced coffee. I believe that they are stronger than regular K-cups, and when you brew them over a glass of ice it makes a delicious and much cheaper version of iced coffee at home. If you’d like to try brewing your iced coffee at home with your Keurig, then you should check out DealDash. They have Keurig coffee machines as well as the K-cup pods to brew, and K-cup stands as well. Doesn’t it feel good to save money?

If you’re a coffee lover like myself, you might be shocked to find out that some people don’t enjoy coffee, hot or iced! For those people, DealDash has a solution – TEA! DealDash has tea kettles as well as some beautiful iron tea sets up for auction. As for myself, I like both, why choose?

No matter if you’re a coffee or tea drinker, DealDash has solutions to fit your likes and lifestyle. Go check out DealDash now to browse the auctions. Visit DealDash at this link here, and see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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Shopping With a DealDash of Entertainment

If you’ve tried DealDash you know that this is the most fun you’ll ever have shopping, but if you’re new to the game, it’s ok, it’s more than just shopping, it’s entertainment shopping at its finest!  Don’t be afraid to get in there and bid on everyday items. If you need an item DealDash has for bidding, why not try to get a great deal while having fun doing it? No reason at all, just do it!

Go Shopping first, set your sites on some of the amazing deals you would like to win and bookmark them.  You can do this a couple of ways, first, click the star in the upper right hand corner or place a bid in the auction, that is another way to do it.  The item will then stay on the top of your DealDash front page, then wait until the item comes on the market and bid!

Some people might call it flat-out-gambling, but with gambling you don’t have anything to show for it in the end and a casino won’t let you buy a deck of cards and get your money back.  This is shopping because if you don’t win it you can buy the item (called Binning) and get all your bids back.  So you only take chances if you don’t plan on buying the item, that’s why I suggest, especially in the beginning, you bid on items you really need.  Once you feel more comfortable bidding, you can branch out to larger ticket items.   The journey is half the fun, but really winning is the best.

When you win a prize at DealDash a splash of fireworks lights up on your screen announcing “Congratulations!” You won…..item description!! I have won so many prizes with just a few bids, it’s crazy fun! You might wonder how DealDash makes any money, well they do make a living by selling bids, the site currency, and by selling items for the retail price.  They offer great deals on bids everyday and carry exceptional products.

The quality of the products at DealDash is the best on the market, and for items like a toaster, coffee pot and many other everyday items they are actually the same products you will find at the mall, only you don’t have to get in your car, and any time I can get a great deal and avoid the traffic, I’m in and DealDash has filled the bill!

Not only that, I used to dread Christmas shopping, no time, no real deals always waiting to the last minute, but now that I shop at DealDash, I am done with my Christmas Shopping by October.  Tip: Although you can get items right up until the last moment with DealDash, don’t wait until October to start you holiday shopping, it’s too close and you may waste bids in desperation.  You want to get the deal, and you can do it at your own time all year long.  It’s so nice to enjoy the holidays knowing my shopping is done.  , Another great deal at DealDash is they ship every item free, so you’ll never pay a dime for gift delivery!

You can feel good about shopping and spending a lot of time at DealDash, you are getting your items and having fun doing it. Never underestimate the BIN (buy it now) it gives you your item and the bids used back.  No casino does that! Deal Dash IS Entertainment Shopping at the finest level on the internet!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Advantages of Drinking Coffee from DealDash

For breakfast, many people favor to take coffee from DealDash, arguing that it offers them the energy to face the day’s jobs. Some go to the degree of creating a foul mood, if they do not have their morning cup of coffee. What they do not know, is that coffee includes particular nutrients that give health and wellness benefits to their bodies. Recent research has actually found that taking coffee frequently will lower your opportunities of establishing certain cancers,  Diabetes, Dementia, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Arrhythmia, among others. The study revealed that the advantages raise as the usage of coffee rises. This is why it is so important that you go to DealDash right now and pick up a  coffee pot or gift card to your favorite coffee shop.


A scientist at the Institute for Coffee Researches, based at the Vanderbilt University, Dr Thomas DePaulis indicates that coffee is healthier, as opposed to damaging, to your wellness. The Institute monitors coffee research programs around the world, and has found that little harm comes from drinking coffee. Six of the research studies that they check show that 80 % of some people, who routinely take coffee, are less most likely to purchase Parkinson’s condition. 3 of these researches, revealed that taking much more coffee reduces the threat proportionately. Further studies have actually confirmed that taking a minimum of 2 mugs of coffee like those you can make with a DealDash coffee maker, reduces the threat of obtaining Liver Cirrhosis by 80 %, and lowers the threat of getting Colon Cancer to 25 %. Various other research studies have actually revealed that coffee aids to decrease the impacts of certain typical vices. Routine coffee-drinkers, that engage in drinking as well as smoking cigarettes, are less most likely to create Cirrhosis, or Lung Cancer cells.

Exactly what is the result of coffee from DealDash on Parkinson’s condition and also Type 2 diabetes mellitus?

The health and wellness advantages of coffee are caused by the biochemical constitution of coffee. Caffeine, an antioxidant, has actually been located to have a number of valuable results on the body. Coffee has a much greater material of caffeine, when compared with various other beverages that people absorb the early morning. Taking a cup of coffee will certainly offer you 3 as well as a half times a lot more caffeine, compared to a cup of tea, or warm chocolate. This greater material has been discovered to have a direct result on minimizing the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Makers of medication for Parkinson’s condition, are utilizing a caffeine by-product, thanks to the results of these studies. The high degrees of magnesium as well as chromium in coffee aid the body use insulin a lot better. The body utilizes insulin to control blood-glucose degrees, and also this reduces the possibilities of creating Kind 2 diabetes mellitus.


Exactly what is the result of coffee on the heart?

Researches into the impact of coffee, just like the kind you make with one of the coffee makers on DealDash, on the heart have revealed that it reduces the possibilities of developing heart rhythm problems. The outcomes showed that taking up to 3 cups of coffee in a day, reduced the danger of creating these problems by 20 %. Caffeine has the effect of improving muscle efficiency, a fact that just recently made the Olympic Games Committee, classify it as a controlled substance. The heart is made of muscle mass cells, as well as consequently, gain from the existence of higher degrees of caffeine, produced by consuming alcohol coffee consistently. All in all you can see the positive powerful effects of the coffee you get from DealDash. So now head to the website and pick some up for yourself.

Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

DealDash is here to help explain the benefits of certain items and things related to our items.

Coffee for example is one of the most widely drank  beverages in the world and here is why.
Rich aroma, robust taste as well as raised energy as well as alertness are the typical advantages of consuming coffee provided by coffee fans. After years of clinical studies, it is possible to additionally add prevention of cancer cells, liver illness as well as a variety of other severe health problems to that
It could seem weird to think about coffee as a provider of significant wellness perks, taking into consideration that coffee and its high caffeine content are often connected with damaging negative effects. But the reality is that a moderate day-to-day coffee intake is really great for you.
Several parts of coffee work as all-natural covers against the advancement of these problems. For example, high levels of caffeine is understood to assist against liver cancer cells, and also the numerous anti-oxidants located in coffee reduce the possibilities of establishing cancer. Antioxidants of all kinds are widely thought to safeguard cells and also cells in our bodies from oxidative damages. Oxidative damages to these cells commonly results in the growth of cancerous cells. Antioxidants are additionally understood to aid protect against heart problem – one more significant killer.
Two anti-oxidants found in coffee beans are caffeic acid and also chlorogenic acid. The oil in coffee beans also consist of anti-carcinogenic representatives, further aiding to lower the possibilities of developing cancer cells.
The advantages of consuming coffee in regards to bowel cancer cells specifically lies in the positioning proof that coffee in fact reduces the outcome of bile acids, which play an active part in promoting cancer cells in the colon.
The avoidance of Type 2 diabetic issues – the most usual kind of the condition – is also amongst the newly found benefits of drinking coffee. A variety of examinations performed in Europe and also the US over the past decade have actually shown that routine coffee consuming can minimize the danger of creating diabetes mellitus by as long as 50 percent. Taking into consideration the number of people that experience Type 2 diabetes – even more than 150 million around the world – the examination results are considerable and also interesting.
An additional famous and also seriously incapacitating condition that coffee could aid prevent is Parkinson’s Illness. Research studies have shown that individuals who consume a minimum of four mugs of coffee a day are five times less most likely to create Parkinson’s Illness as a result of coffee’s high caffeine web content.
Along with long-lasting help in avoiding the heavyweight problems provided above, among the more typical as well as temporary perks of drinking coffee is caffeine’s rapid effect on headaches.

The recommended intake to get the above advantages of drinking coffee is between 3 as well as 5 cups a day.

In order to drink coffee that is high-quality, you need a good machine to brew the beverage. DealDash has some of the best coffee makers as well as other great items you can find by going to the website here.