Know Before You Go to DealDash Do This

If you are thinking of  signing up for DealDash there are a few things you should know before you do.  It’s not essential, but it does help your game to have a clever username.  A clever username might suggest something about you that other would like to know.  Like “RetiredBlacksmith” or “FatherofTwo” , these are made up names and probably up for grabs!  You username defines you at DealDash, so make it clever, and make it work for you.

Now open an account, buy your first bid pack.  The first bid pack costs $36 and you get 60 bids, once in the site you can purchase the bids at the current sale price which varies between .12 and .16 cents.  TIP: 60 bids will get you a few $10 gift cards and some other small items, go for them and get your investment back to start.  Once you have your $36 in value back, purchase bids, the higher the value of the item you are trying to win, the more bids you will need to win it.

Next, you need a “comment”  this goes in your personal profile and it’s the caption under your Avatar which you will now also choose.  You may use one of their Avatars or upload a photo of your liking.  Both comments and uploaded photos will need approval from DealDash, they won’t allow anything rude or misleading, and you may not intimidate others.  Choose a comment like “this is fun” to get started and once you start bidding, you will see everyone else’s comment, that should spark some creativity for you, you  can change your comment any time you like, it will just need to be approved and usually takes a day to complete.

Your comment can be part of your strategy, start by thinking of something that will be kind to others and yet give you an edge.  One of my favorite comments is “They say money talks, mine just waves goodbye”  This would imply they are willing to spend any amount of money to win, and it’s funny and clever.  You can’t say anything mean so don’t even try.

There was an occasion where a group of players started a “story line” and everyone involved wrote another line to continue the story, but several players didn’t like it, so talking to other players is not permitted anymore.

That said, DealDash listens to the customer, they are very kind and thoughtful. They want everyone to have good experience.

So, think of a catchy username, create an awesome comment and choose our Avatar, you just bought your first bid bundle and you’re ready to bid.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!