Entertainment Shopping at DealDash

Entertainment Shopping by definition is a “pay to play” system of shopping, specifically on a site such as DealDash where you will be served the best entertainment on the web.

It’s shopping that has an element of interest through chance and timing resulting in deals at 50%, 60% and higher off your everyday items. DealDash adds a lot of features to make their site the most entertaining of all.  There are standard auction bells and whistles, like the blinking timers and shopping pages with fantastic merchandise to choose from.

There is the BidBuddy that bids for you, you’ll never have to miss a single bid because all you have to do is load up your bids and BidBuddy does the rest.  You can shop all over the site while still bidding on your favorite items.

When you win an auction, the fireworks are the best!  Where else can you have a prize and be entertained with the winning fireworks? No where else! It never gets old to see the explosion on your winning page with a huge “Congratulations!”

There is a risk involved when you’re playing a game of chance, but with the risk comes a few rewards at DealDash, they don’t ever want a player to go away empty-handed, so they offer a Buy It Now policy, if you bid on any item and don’t win, you can purchase the item and get all your bids back to try for another item!  No one else gives you your bids back, so the risk in reduced and the chance of getting a great deal is 100% because if you win it for a discount, fantastic….if you buy it and get your bids back, wow!

You will also get free bids for every bid you place.  That entertains me all the time.  I especially love it when I get to click my bid meter and Dealdash deposits free bids into my account.  The longer you bid at DealDash, the more bids you are rewarded.  The last time I clicked my free bid meter, it was for 1140 bids!

Another way to get bids back from DealDash is to “Exchange For Bids” this feature allows you to take a win and exchange it for bids.  Again, you don’t have to go away empty-handed, and you get to play longer.

DealDash is so engaging, I’ve found it to make me more alert, more aware of numbers and happier because I win something just about every day.  I used to really dislike shopping, especially at a mall, now I don’t have to got there. Whenever I need something, I just check the DealDash site to see if they carry it. Usually there is something that will fit the bill and then I set out to win it for a bargain.

It’s also pretty entertaining when the delivery person shows up at your home nearly everyday with items that you WON or BINNED at DealDash and every items is delivered FREE!  DealDash never charges for shipping and you’re item is usually on its way to you in a matter of days.

So, if you’re tired of going to the mall for everyday items check out DealDash, it’s the most fun you’ll have shopping ever! It’s a fair and fun way to get great deals.  It really is so much fun, the prizes are just a bonus added to the excitment!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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