Be a Happy Camper with DealDash

If you’re family is like my family, you all love camping.  It was our favorite vacation as our children grew up, and living in New England, we never had to go very far.  There were many mini vacations.  The hardest part of the trip was traveling all over the state to find camping equipment before we went.  Thankfully, with DealDash, I no longer have to drive around to get what I need.  It saves me so much hassle!

coleman tent 8ppl 134
Coleman Cimmaron 8 -Person Modified Dome Tent $134

DealDash has the greatest selection of tents and camping gear, some classic brands you’ll recognize and some unusual items only DealDash seems to find.  Their acquisition department searches the world and finds some of the most interesting merchandise.

ozark trail 4 ppl tent 112
Ozark Trail 4-Person Tunnel Tent $112

What camping trip would be complete without a tent?  I’ve won tents at DealDash for just a few dollars.  I also “Binned” a tent once.  When you BIN (Buy It Now) DealDash will give you any bids used trying to win it back.  So, let’s say you decided to bid on a tent and you bid and bid, but to no avail, 300 bids later, you didn’t win, simply click the Buy It Now Tab on the auction page or in your Dashboard, and poof! the bids are returned to you!  DealDash never wants you to go away empty-handed, and they want you to come back, so it’s a great plan and we all get what we want.

Coleman LED Lantern $27

If you want to rack up the BIN amount of bids and leave the Bid Buddy to do your bidding for you, it’s the best and easiest way to win.  Now, to figure out how many bids to put in the Bid Buddy take the cost of the item divide by the cost of the bids and you will have the number of bids to put in the Bid Buddy.  Let’s use the Coleman Lantern above, $27./.15=180 bids.  Don’t overbid, if you use all 180 bids, your best deal would be by purchasing it for bids back.  You’ll have the item and your bids back.

DuroMax Dual Fuel Generator $606
DuroMax Dual Fuel Generator $606

I can’t stress enough how much the Bid Buddy feature helps you win auctions, you don’t over bid and you earn consistent free bids with the Free Bid Meter.  It’s so simple to load the Bid Buddy, just open the auction from the main page, then see the “add bids here” and “Book a Bid Buddy” place the desired amount of bids in the space and then click on the “Book a Bid Buddy”.  Bid Buddy will now bid for you in order that you joined the auction, if there are 8 players, your Bid Buddy will deposit a bid for you after 7 of them, so every 8th bid is yours.

Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware $41
Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware $41

During the bidding process you will earn free bids from DealDash just for bidding, every time you place a bid there is about 9 seconds until Bid Buddy places the next bid, during this time you are “high bidder” during Time As High Bidder , you earn time toward reaching your next level.  When you have accumulated enough time to reach the next level your meter will light up blue and all you have to do is click on it and you’ll get your free bids.  In the beginning, you get 50’s-100’s of bids but after time, you get thousands, I am at level 86 and when I reach level 87 I’ll get 1080 bids!  It’s really beneficial to use Bid Buddy.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!