The Art of Buy It Now at DealDash

There really is an art to the Buy In Now process, when I first started at DealDash I didn’t put any weight on the process and therefore lost a lot of opportunity.  I would bid and bid on the same item over and over until I won it.  All those bids…gone and I could have owned it.

First, let’s talk about what “Buy It Now” is. Deal Dash has a policy in place so no player has to go away empty-handed, and it’s the Buy It Now option. It’s also know as “binning” and BIN, but they all mean the same thing, you can get your bids back if you don’t win.

If you are bidding on an item at DealDash and you just can’t win it, you can purchase the item and DealDash will give you all the bids you used to win it back.  There is a tab in the auction which you can select and it will take you to the checkout, when your transaction is complete you own the item and you got all your bids back to go for another item.  You will no longer be able to win in this auction.

You have a full week after someone else wins the auction you’ve bid in to purchase it for your bids back, you can find the “Buy Now” tab on the first page of your Dashboard.  Simply find the item you wish to purchase in the list an click on the “Buy Now” tab and at the time your purchase is complete your bids are deposited into your account.

So, you don’t have to keep trying and trying to win an item you really need, this can be as simple as shopping!  Look through the DealDash merchandise.  Plan on binning because you need the item.  When you plan on binning there is a simple formula to determine when to stop bidding.  It is likely you will win the item before the BIN, if fact that is the plan, right? But if you don’t you have the BIN to fall back on.  To determine the BIN amount of bids take the value of the item and divide it by the cost of bids, then you will have the number of bids to BIN.  You don’t want to exceed that number because you would be paying more than retail price.  So, if your item is valued at $50 and bids are .15 cents you  would calculate 50/.15=333.  333 is the magic number, don’t exceed this, back out and buy.  Get your bids back and move on.  You now have your item and 333 bids to go!

This is a great way to purchase gifts, you can select a gift, possibly win it right away and get a great deal, or plan on binning.  You can shop on a budget and find great deals at DealDash, always keep in mind you can purchase it and get your bids back.  Stay focused on items you really want, this way purchasing it makes sense.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

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