How to Score Entertainment for Less with These Gift Card Auctions!

carnival ride
DealDash, a penny auction site, is also known as an entertainment auction site. You’re the highest bidder, the timer is counting down and no one else places a bid…. 3…2..1.. do you win? xyzbidder hits the bid button at 1 second, this time he got in… and the cycle continues, but after a few bids xyzbidder  hit the bid button at 1 second and due to Internet speed and latency issues he didn’t get his bid in and you won! That’s the thrill aspect. The anticipation. The chase. The win!
If you like thrill and entertainment you just might enjoy bidding on DealDash’s entertainment themed auctions! Check out what’s up today:
D&B – Dave and Busters
Bummed out at the thought of you not being able to go into an arcade without junior high kids making fun of you? D&B is a fun arcade, bar and restaurant for adults. D&B has over 60 locations here in the US so be sure to check out where they’re at on their website. Sign up for their rewards program and get free gameplay.
Dave & Buster’s Gift Cards can be used for purchases at any Dave & Buster’s location in the United States. Minor policy varies by location – please check for details. Gift Card may be used for purchase of food, beverages, games, merchandise, taxes and gratuities.
Google Play
Love playing games on your smartphone? If you own an Android powered phone you should check out this auction for a Google Play gift card. The Google Play Store offers hours of entertainment from games to movies, books, apps, music and more either on the web (so even if you don’t have a smartphone you can play), or compatible tablet or cellphone running on Android.  google play
– See more at:
AMC Theaters
Top movies in theaters now: Transformers, 22 Jump Street, Think Like a Man Too, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Jersey Boys, X-Men: Days of Future, Edge of Tomorrow, Maleficent, The Fault In Our Stars. AMC Theatres are all over the country. Have you seen a good movie lately? Hate that movie prices have increased – don’t like paying $13 a ticket? Check out this AMC Theaters $50 gift card on DealDash to save money on your movie & a little popcorn!
cabelas gift cards
If your idea of fun includes, camping, hunting, sport shooting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, boating? Have a Cabela’s near you or will drive by one on your next roadtrip? Check out this gift card for Cabelas – it can also be redeemed on
Not sure how to bid on DealDash, but really want to try it out?
Here are a few tips:
1 – Buy a bid pack – you need a bid pack to try to win.
2 – Find out how to make the most of your bids.
3 – If you don’t win, buy it now and get your bids back into your account. DealDash doesn’t let you lose. 
4 – Use bid buddy
Would you like to see more entertainment auctions on DealDash? Let us know what you would like to bid on!
Good luck and have fun with bidding and winning!
 Carnival Ride – Photo Credits – Thomas Hawk Used with Creative Commons License.