Bid Buddy Has What You Need at DealDash

DealDash offers a special feature designed to help us win more auctions and it also has the power to give us free bids!  It the wonderful Bid Buddy!  The Bid Buddy is an automatic system of bidding created and provided by DealDash.

It’s a clever way to add the “fair” to their slogan “Fair and Honest Bidding Site”.  By using a Bid Buddy you will only use the number of bids required in order of when you entered the auction.  For example.  Let’s say there are 5 players, and you are using a Bid Buddy, you will only use one bid per round, and Bid Buddy is there to place a bid if someone backs out.  If you don’t use Bid Buddy and instead bid manually, you are placing a bid between each player and this wastes bids because for the same round you will use 6 or 7 bids and everyone else’s one bid.  So you will essentially pay more for the item by using too many bids.  That constant manual bidding also drives up the price, so Bid Buddy helps keep the final price low.

Perhaps the most glorious of this feature is the free bids!  You don’t have to use Bid Buddy to get free bids, you only have to bid, you’ll get them, but if you use Bid Buddy you are assured the full 10 seconds between each players bid.  That time is what clocks up your free bids.  The Free Bid Meter is engaged every time you place a bid and if you are bidding manually chances are there will be another player who will “stomp” on you time.  This is a sad waste of free bids, but some players just can’t resist. It’s usually “Newbies” who do it, they just don’t know how valuable the Bid Buddy is yet, and they may not even know about it.

I didn’t use the Bid Buddy the first few days, but that was so long ago.  Today, I won’t even place one bid without using it….well, I do once in awhile just until I open the auction to place the bids in Bid Buddy.  Even if I’m only using 10 bids, I use it.

So, how do you use it?  You find the auction you wish to join on the main page.  Click the item and the auction will open.  When you get inside, directly in the center of the page there is a space where you place your cursor and click.   Then add the appropriate number of bids and hit “Book Bid Buddy”  This will engage your bids in the auction and all you need to do is keep an eye on it while the auction runs.  Then you hope yours is the last bid.  You can add more bids anytime using the same method and you can also cancel the Bid Buddy at any time.

Use your Bid Buddy all the time, it saves money and helps keep the final price down.  It’s easy to use, saves bids, and defiantly helps you win more auctions.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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