Plan To Win at DealDash

Plan to win at DealDash, if you don’t plan your wins, you might not win.  The easiest way to plan a win is to go shopping first.  Find an object you want to win and bookmark it or click the “Alert Me” tab.  Both of these features help you show up on time for the auction.

Once you are scheduled and you’ve shown up for the event, place your bids in Bid Buddy, and then go do something else.  Make sure you put plenty of bids in the Bid Buddy, you could use the Buy It Now value of bids as a guide.  That’s the retail value divided by the cost of bids, the sum is they number of bids to place in the Bid Buddy.

If you don’t put that many bids in the auction and you stay in front of the computer, that’s fun, but it’s not planning to win.  The best way to win an auction is to stay focused on one auction at a time.  At times it’s difficult to do this, you’re bored you want to play, and all that is good, if you don’t plan on winning.  You have to keep in mind that because you play, does not mean you will win.

You will win many, many auctions by chance, but this strategy is about the plan and not about bidding randomly.  Let’s say there is that specific item you want from DealDash, like a camera.  You buy 2000 bids and place only 1000 on the camera.  Then you take the other and try to win a bunch of random items, you win one or two items you weren’t planning on winning and it was fun.  But now, you don’t have the other 1000 bids and the camera sold to the other player and they used 1500 bids.

To figure the number of bids another player has used, and it’s only and estimate, you would check their start time and average the number of active players then divide the current retail price by the number of active players.  This leaves you with the average each player used.  It’s not fool proof, but it helps.  If they just started, you know they don’t have the bids invested, but if they’ve been in the auction from the beginning, this more accurate.  Also, if you and another player started at the same time, you can estimate they have used the same number of bids you have if they 1. never left, 2. don’t stomp and 3. Uses Bid Buddy.

So, I hope I’ve demonstrated the importance of planning to win.  First seek out your item and then bid on only that item, leave the computer or your phone aside and find a chore, check it often to see how many players there are, and don’t fall asleep on the couch… ummm, yes, that happens, it’s how others win, we all make mistakes.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, get over it, move on and plan to win another auction.

If you want to win that one special item, make it special, and then treat it like an only child, your chances of winning increase because you aren’t spreading yourself too thin or using up your bids on items you don’t want or need.  Hey, you never know, it might close for a couple of dollars, you won it and you’re off the another auction for more goodies!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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