Parlay Free Bids at DealDash

If you are bidding on a budget (and who isn’t) then you have most likely found yourself looking for free bids to play at DealDash.  Well, there are some tricks to help you achieve that goal and get yourself a bunch of free bids.

This is what I call the Parlay For Free.  Once you’ve won something at DealDash you are eligible to submit a photo to the community at DealDash and they will reward you with 350 free bids. You can find the complete details here.

Once you get your bids I want you to hold onto them until there is a huge bid multiplier sale.  Then it’s time to bid.  The Bid Multiplier ifs offered quite often and it’s a great opportunity to parlay your free photo bids into more free bids.  What the Bid Multiplier does is keep track of your time as high bidder and rewards you with free bids for that time. Once you reach the next “level” you will see the meter gauge light up and you click it to get the bids deposited into your account.

Now play the front end of an auction, the first 50 cents or so.  If you don’t win back out, you’ve only used 10 bids and can still win a $150 prize with just a few bids, that is key.  This requires patience.  You are waiting for new auctions to come on the market. Every new item that is under $200.  continue to bid the front end of an auction.  You will see many players do this, they are bidding on a budget too.

Because this is a popular bidding style, you will get to know the players in that field and how many bids they are willing to place. Put yourself at the tail end of those bidders while still maintaining you 10-15 bid limit.  Often at this point you will be one of two bidders, stay in to win!

This type of bidding isn’t for you if you are in a hurry or if you’re going after bigger ticket items, you can certainly do it with bigger ticket items, but plan on being in longer and using more bids.

So you have your free photo bids, you’re bidding during a high bid multiplier for more free bids and you just won two $150 items, now exchange those prizes for bids.  You could have essentially doubled or tripled your free bids into an amount of bids to go for the big prize! Now, if you’re really patient you can save those bids for a Free Wins event and pay only one penny for any win thereby reducing the cost of playing exponentially!

DealDash gives us so much opportunity and I have won some great prizes by using this method.  I hope it brings you some insight, now all you need it luck!

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Good Luck and Happy Bidding