The “Eight Win Advantage” at DealDash

Players’ Limits are in place for all fairness.  Each player may win up to nine prizes each 7 day period.  If you sign up for DealDash on a Monday, Monday is always your “refresh” day.

There is a meter on the top of  your DealDash Homepage in the upper right hand corner.  There you will see how many prizes you have available.  Each time you win an item one of the slots in the meter become unavailable…until your refresh day when all the slots are “relit”.

One strategy for winning (usually a high ticket item) you can watch the other players and see how many wins they have.  If they have eight wins and they are in 4 auctions, they will lose three of them by default if they win one.  For that reason, I never bid on more items than I have open slots, so this never happens to me.

Here is what happens.  A player uses slots by winning auctions, they still have bids and are permitted in any auction available to them. For example, once you use up 8 slots in your weeks limit, you only have one available.  Many players will now bid in multiple auctions, if they win one the other three are cancelled.  So all the bids they used at DealDash are gone and they didn’t win…..

Ahhh, this is where it is a great position for you!  If you see someone has 8 wins and are in 2 or more auctions it makes any more than one win vulnerable to loss.  But this is a good thing for us “the other guy”.

Keep an eye on player’s limit numbers, once a player reaches 8 wins look for them in other auctions.  If you see they are in more than one and you know they are frequent winners, you can essentially win one of the other prizes they lose when they win their last one!  It’s awesome.

If took me some time to figure this one out, so you’re welcome.  haha  but really, if you are a better player, I win more.  The more player’s know, the more we all win.  Really!! Keep in mind that you can only play in an auction which you have placed a bid in before $5, so if there is an auction you may want to enter later, make sure you get that one bid in before then.

How do you know if the other player has 8 wins? Well the beauty of this plan is that DealDash gives us this information with every auction….every single auction tells you a lot of useful information, but today I am only talking about the wins of another player.

All you need to do is go into an auction, in there you will find a group of players who are bidding in an auction seen by their Avatar.  Watch the players who are bidding in the auction you want to win…..AND in auctions you don’t care to win.  If there are players with “8’s” you know this is someone to follow.  All you have to do to do this is bounce around, see who is in what auction.  Remember to place a bid before $5.

These are a few of my favorite secrets and I’ve shared them with you.  I hope this helps you have an edge in auctions. I don’t consider myself a “power bidder” but I do win a lot of auctions.  currently I am well over 550 wins, this makes me a good player.  A “Power Bidder” by my definition is someone who spends too much on bidding.  I try to keep in real.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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