Parlay Your Wins To More Bids At DealDash

DealDash gives us so many opportunities to earn a lot of free bids.  There are a few or more main ways to get free bids and I am going to list them here today.

  1. The very, very easiest way to get free bids at DealDash is to just keep bidding.  You earn free bids for every second you are high bidder at DealDash.  This is a benefit you get no matter how many bids you place.  Every second you bid, you get free bids!  That is incredible.  I am at level 56, I’ll get 780 free bids when I reach level 57,  do you know how many things you can win with 780 bids?  A LOT!!
  2. Another easy way to earn free bids at DealDash is to go to the DealDash Facebook page, you can’t beat free bids for posting a photo of you or a family member with a win from DealDash.
  3. Purchase any item you bid on and you will get every bid you used in an auction to win it for free.  DealDash will be happy to return to you bids if you purchase an item.  Simply bid in any auction, if at any time you decide to back out or you have reached an amount of bids which could purchase the item, you can back out of the auction, hit the Buy It Now button and the item is yours for the fair retail price which includes free shipping, AND you get every bid in that auction back.  Not only can you do that “today”, you can BIN any item for up to a week after you tried.
  4. Win an item and “Exchange for Bids”. any item you win you can change your mind and return the item for a certain amount of bids, anywhere between half the retail value to about full retail.  This amount is determined by the team at DealDash and is designed to make bidding fair for all player.  For example, if you win a $215 dollar item, you may most likely exchange it for about 215 bids.  But if you win a $5200, you may get about 3000 free bids.  This exchange forfeits your win and gives you bids back in return.   This option is available to you for 2 weeks.

DealDash gives us many opportunities to earn free bids, we can earn them or simply change our minds on a win, either way the bids are deposited into our account immediately . If you submit a photo to DealDash that could take up to 48 hours, but very often much less.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!