How Many Bids Does it Take at DealDash?


Deal Dash has a wide variety of everyday items and in a full range of values from $10 to $14,000 and every price in between.  So how many bids does it take to win these variable valued items?

That is the secret of the auction, there is no way of knowing when an auction will end.  Eventually you will get a sense it is winding down, but again, nothing is etched in stone.  BUT, there are some general values that require less bids, and others that require more.  Here is a sample of items you can win with these amount of bids and I took the numbers directly from my own wins over time. (using the “Bidding History” tab)

What you can win with 200 bids is gift cards, toys, small appliances (like a can opener or a toaster), jewelry, watches video games, lamps, linens, throw pillows, clocks, yard items and small bid packs (100, 200, 400, 500).  So for about $28.00 worth of bids you could walk away with any of these prizes.  These lower value prizes are perfect for the beginner.  The Buy It Now value is low and what that means is if you don’t win you can purchase the item for retail and DealDash will refund all the bids you used, so you have the item and your bids back.  But really, many items like this can be won with just a few bids, so when you win one with ten bids you keep going and winning!

Once you get some experience it’s time to move onto what you can win with 400 bids and that is everything above plus medium appliances (like a juicer, microwave or an ice cream maker), canvas bags, pocket books, art, home decor. I’ve won a couple of bikes in this range.  While you are bidding, keep in mind not to overbid.  There is no reason for it and it’s a waste of bids. My best advice is to move on if you don’t win within a predetermined amount of bids.  You can win some mid range bid packs with 400 bids, for example  1000.

These are examples of prizes I’ve won with a pre determined number of bids.  If you decide to purchase a larger bid pack, like the 1000 pack, you can win the high end mountain and road bikes offered at DealDash.  There are some great grills, yard decor, fire pits, swimming pool, hot tub, furniture, home decor, hover-board, large bid packs (like 3000-5000).  This range is very competitive, there are a lot more players. Often people will overbid in these categories because they are winning other items and exchanging for bids.  If you do win a high value item to exchange for bids you can certainly parlay your exchange into the auction of an item you’ve been trying to win for hours or days, it’s your game, play it the way you like.  Yes, it’s true the auctions in this range last for hours and some times days.  Be patient, have your bids and know it won’t be won for 25 bids.  If it does, and that happens all the time, great! But don’t count on that.

Items that generally require over 1000 bids are, a massage chair, some of the high end bikes, high-value art, a drone, gaming computers, high end cameras.

I love one of the commercials for DealDash, you may have seen it on TV.  The guy wins an iPad for “you don’t want to know”  which means really low.  I’ve seen iPads for for $8, but that is not typical.  I’ve even see the $14,000 massage chair go for less than a dollar, but only once.  My point here is, you can win with a few bids, but the number of bids to win is usually gets higher with the value of the item increasing.

So, the  level of bids you need to win varies from item to item, but anything can be won with a few bids.  Easy Peasy!  Start out slow, work your way up.  Learn the players and their habits, then go for that big prize! You earned your stripes!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!