No JUMPER – What In the World is a Jumper?

NO JUMPER! No Jumper? No jumping kids? No jumping bids? What does “No Jumper” mean? You see these words emblazoned all over on the front page of’s auctions, but what is a jumper and why do they all say no jumper?
Jumpers – in penny auction terms- are bidders who come in and bid after the auction has been going for awhile with bidders fiercely competing and spending a lot of money in bids before they decide to join in. New bidders jumping into an auction really has been known to irritate bidders who already have a lot of time and money invested in an auction. So what DealDash did is decide to create these trademarked no jumper auctions where all auctions are closed to new bidders once the final end price reaches $5.00. So, once the current auction price is at $5.00 and you try to place a bid you will notice that the bid will not be accepted and you will see a pop up telling you that the no jumper auction is locked to new bidders. You will also see a No Jumper banner emblazoned across the auction’s photo.
Knowing that DealDash bans jumpers can help you form a better strategy for bidding.
no jumper
Auctions sometimes tend to go on for hours and the end price really can get up there. Can you imagine if DealDash didn’t have no jumper auctions? Would they go on longer and for even more money? Maybe! It makes it easier to win in some respects when you think of the no jumper features in that manner. Whether or not you like to jump this helps bidders who have already been bidding in the auction for some time. Current bidders who have bid since the beginning can rest assured in knowing that no one new can come in late and spend the same bids they did up until that point and extend the auction even longer and make prior bidders spend even more money (possibly!)
However – you can still place one bid before the $5.00 and come back later and bid more. It’s just excluding new bidders altogether from late entry into an auction. What do you think of these no jumper auctions on DealDash?