Conserve Your Bids at DealDash!

There are a few things I’ve noticed I can do to help me conserve bids at DealDash.  It’s very disheartening when an opponent who doesn’t respect your time on the clock comes into an auction and starts stomping everyone’s bids, even though the stomping player usually doesn’t  last long.  They represent a group of high strung bidders who lack patience, but on high ticket items it will take the stomper longer than not to bow out.  It’s pretty unlikely they will win, for one reason many players who are being stomped are stomping back.  This describes a frenzy between 2 or three players who are being stomped and are stomping back.  This is a very good time to bow out of the auction, don’t leave but continue to pay attention, just pull your bids out.  I will leave 5 bids in just in case but I don’t count on winning with 5 bids.  But you never know!

When you’re bidding on a budget it doesn’t make sense to get involved with a stomper or stay involved with the auction.  So you have bowed out and one of the stompers did win, at least you left with your bids intact,  and you still have the opportunity to earn free bids with your bid meter, you could have lost that if you stayed.

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If you must stay in the auction, use the BidBuddy.  The best way to conserve bids is using the Bid Buddy the person with the most bids racked up, wins!   If there are only two people in the auction the odds are in yur favor that you will win the auction. If there are six people or more in the auction, back out until a few leave.  This activity goes on all the time with the long time players, they come and go.  Where newbies do one of two things, 1. they stay in too long and overbid, unfortunately, no on wins that way. or 2. They leave and forget to come back.  They probably blew all their bids while they were waiting to bid.  So don’t get involved if you’re waiting to bid.

The dollar amount of the prize matters too.  The higher the value, the more bidders, so stay away for those items, remember about everything else, this is about bidding on a budget.  So take action to conserve bids.  This means jumping out when there is a reckless player, use your BiB even if you’re only throwing in a dozen bids.  Watch the auction you really want to keep an eye on all the players to learn their playing habits.

The time of day when you bid will have a lot of influence on how many people are bidding, if it’s a Sat evening you can bet the site will be busy, dinner time on Thanksgiving is not so crowded.

And lastly, if there is any item you really want or need, don’t jump out of the auction to conserve bids, only to go throw them away in a different one.  Stay focused on the item you  want. Don’t throw away bids 10 at a time on little items, it doesn’t make sense.  When this does make sense is when you are loaded with bids and you want to be sure you win.

It’s  possible to win plenty of items on a tight budget, you just need to plan and shop smart.  And you need a  little luck! Most important only bid on items you are willing to buy, then if you don’t win, you will get all your bids back if you *BIN the item.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014