DealDash: Staying Involved vs. Bid Buddy

When you first get started at DealDash you may be overly involved, just stomping in your bids at random times and quite frankly, losing bids like crazy.  Then you discover Bid Buddy!  The Bid Buddy places bids for you in your place and in your turn.  So, if there are 7 people in the auction and they are all using Bid Buddy, you will have a bid placed for you automatically every 7th bid (or penny cost of item).  For each bid the cost of the item goes up one cent. You hope you put in the largest number of bids to be the last bidder.

Staying active is very important in the beginning, you are learning how many bids you need to use to win certain auctions, but I do recommend you use the Bid Buddy.  So, now you want to branch out, play in more than one auction, this is a fun and exciting time, you are spreading your wings!  This isn’t the time to go rogue.  Use Bid Buddy in every auction you are in.  You can get involved in several auctions, but stay involved my managing all the auctions.  Tip: If you load 10 auctions at once all with 10 bids, they are all bound to end at once before you have a chance to reload them.  Perhaps a better plan would be to put 20 bids on each of 5 auctions.  By that time the field will have thinned out in a couple and managing is easier.

The juggling act is half the fun, so don’t get caught up in the fear of bidding.  Stay involved, especially with the items you really want.  I find I bid on items I don’t want all the time, usually to exchange for bids, but this is a sure way to lose your bids and walk away with nothing.  You have to be willing to lose a lot if you do this.  I’ve gotten used to losing, it wracks you with fear in the beginning, now I just say, “Oh well, you can’t win them all!”.  Don’t get me wrong, I win a lot, in fact, with the new rules, I win more than ever!

The main point here is that it’s best to use Bid Buddy, but it’s also important, especially in the beginning, to stay actively involved in the auction too.  You can do one or the other, but both is best. If you do stay involved and use Bid Buddy you can, as I call it, “micro manage” your auctions.  I will jump in and out of auctions depending on who is in it, how many bidders and the final price.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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