Be Involved To Win at DealDash

When you are bidding at DealDash it is so easy to walk away and forget to load up your Bid Buddy.  The Bid Buddy will bid for you while you’re away, but do you have enough bids in there to win?  The Bid Buddy is the best way to win.  There has been occasion where I have put in enough bids to win and walked away, and then suddenly there is just two of us and that goes on forever, until I haven’t checked the status of my Bid Buddy in awhile, then all of a sudden, I realize the other guy won.

Even after two plus years I still do it. I did it just the other day and lost an auction I was very vested in, but, you can’t win them all.  I usually counter my feelings of loss with the fact that someone else is jumping around their home because they just won because of me.  Essentially, if I can’t make myself happy, at least I can help make someone else happy.

There are exceptions to that, one being getting into a battle with a player at DealDash who beats you often.  Once someone beats you, they it seems they think they can do it all the time, I have noticed the same players will join every auction I’m in because I’ve let them win before, and I don’t always do that.  There are so many factors which come into play.

Staying with your auction is a good idea if you have the time.  I like to say I am “micro-managing” my auctions, and with DealDash, that’s part of the fun.  I will get involved with a few or more and check each one every minute or so.   I have been able to save bids this way, by backing out when there are suddenly a dozen players in an auction.  I will leave and let the field exhaust itself to return later with more bids.

So, micro-managing means checking your auction often, if you have more than six it becomes difficult to win many of them because the margin of error is much higher. I like to stay under 6 auctions at once.  Another problem with being in more than six auctions is that you will burn through bids, and if you start losing because you are spread too thin, you won’t be happy with your results.  If you are a new bidder, it’s best to stay with 2 or three auctions.

My best advice to win is to keep it simple.  If you have the time to bid in just one auction, it’s the absolute best way to win.  You get involved in the beginning, you stay through until the Buy It Now (BIN) price, and if you win along the way, hurray!! Binning is a way to get the item you’ve been bidding on and get your bids back as well. If you don’t win, simply purchase the item, you will get your bids use back and it’s shipped for free.

Staying involved means more than micro-managing your auctions, keep a few other tabs handy, check your Dashboard often, use it to see your wins and open auctions.  It also helps you keep track of your stats: wins & bidding history.  The Winner’s List is a very important tab too, you should check it every 15 minutes to see who is in the field, who’s winning, what final prices are trending for.

Yes, use your Bid Buddy, but keep it simple with no more than six auctions at once, and if you can micro-manage your auctions, you will win more auctions, I know I do!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!