Spreading Yourself Too Thin at DealDash

Ok, why is it so important not to spread yourself too thin then you are bidding at DealDash? Because you want to win auctions!  One thing we can all hope for is that someone else spreads themselves too thin and they make the mistake.  That’s what happens, you lose auctions.

By spreading yourself too thin, I mean, you get involved in too many auctions at once.  There is a great temptation to get involved in a lot of auctions because you never know, you might win one for a few cents.  But you have to pay attention to the items you place just a few bids in.

If you are bidding in a bunch of auctions at once, you must be using your DealDash Bid Buddy, they Bid Buddy needs to be fed, and if you don’t put in enough bids you could run out and lose while you are tending to the other auctions.  If you insist on bidding in a bunch of auctions, it’s best to load up the Bid Buddy with way more bids than you plan on using, and this way if you are tending another auction, you won’t lose this one. You do have to micro manage your auctions like this, you don’t want to intentionally overbid.

In the beginning, I always suggest you bid in just one or two auctions at once, and please, don’t “Stomp”  Stomping is pouncing a bid in manually without regard to your free bids or the free bids of other players.  You can’t win auctions this way.  But, if you stay focused on one or two auction, it is much more manageable.  Tip: More free bids come from using your Bid Buddy, than manually bidding.

If you don’t have a lot of bids and you actually want to win something, keep it simple.  That means, just bid on the items that are under $200, they tend to close much quicker than other high valued auctions.  As well, stick to the one auction, so you can micro manage it.

Micro managing is watching the auction close even if you are using Bid Buddy, and for me it means I will leave the auction if, 1. too many people join, and then go back later, or 2. I only have a few bids and I don’t think I’ll win with them.  If you do number one, don’t forget to watch the auction closely, you want to know if it gets down to two people.

Tip: Just because there are only two players, that doesn’t necessarily mean the auction is going to end soon, so pay attention, get involved and use your Bid Buddy!

So, when you’re bidding at DealDash resist the temptation to bid in more than a few auctions at once, your bids will last longer and you will win more auctions.  Make sure you micro manage your auction to conserve bids.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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