What Do You Really Need from DealDash?

There are many reasons to go to DealDash, and the first of these is entertainment!  This is a shopping experience that transcends any other shopping experience on the internet.  DealDash is the most fun and fair Penny Auction site out there.  Others have tried to copy, but none come close to the fun or deals you will find at DealDash.

A Penny Auction is a way of marketing merchandise and offering great deals to the players.  The price of the item goes up one cent with every bid placed by the current pool of players.  When the last bid is placed, that person wins!  Because this is a game, you can’t win them all, but at DealDash there are options, it’s one of the most “fair” features at their site.  The Buy It Now (BIN) option is a great feature at DealDash that allows you to bid on an item and if you don’t win, purchase the item and you will get your bids back.  They never want you to leave empty-handed.

You definitely need a great deal!  This is a great place to find it.  You could save up to 99% on an item, I have many times.  The best way to do this is to bid during a Free Wins event.  During this event no matter where the clock stops the winner pays only a one penny transaction fee, so you could essentially win an item for 99% off if you only use a few bids.  It happens all the time.  They also have the 50% Off Wins, which allows you to save 75% or more on items.  DealDash is not in the business to disappoint, in fact they have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You don’t get a great rating without being a great company.

I’m sure you need free bids, we’ll, you’ve come to the right place!  Every bid you place at DealDash rewards you with free bids.  The way that system works is you place a bid and are considered “High Bidder” and for about 10 seconds you accumulate time which brings you to your next level, when you reach the level, you get the bids!  It’s wonderful! The number of free bids is determined by the amount of time you are at the site.  So you can reach levels where the free bids are into the thousands of bids.  Just keep bidding and you’ll keep getting free bids.

Stop wondering what you really need from DealDash, it’s Entertainment Shopping, great deals, free bids and a lot of fun!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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