Dealdash Bid Buddy, Bid Buddy, Use It!!

“Bid Buddy, Bid Buddy, Use it People” that is a very common comment on DealDash because any player who has been around for awhile knows the best way to win is to use your Bid Buddy.

The Bid Buddy is a fantastic tool created and provided by DealDash for us to bid fairly.  When you use the Bid Buddy feature it places bids for you in order of entry to the auction.  Some people choose not to use the Bid Buddy, usually beginners, and they waste bids because they are essentially overbidding by placing a bid in between each other player.  The players using Bid Buddy are simply watching you and saving money and increasing their opportunity to win.

What you need to do to set up the Bid Buddy is first, find an auction you are interested in entering and click on it, when you do the site will bring you to the link for that individual auction, here you can set up the Bid Buddy.  Second, in the center of the page there is a tab that says, “Bid Buddy- Your Automatic Bidding Tool” there you place in the desired number of bids you wish to place on the item, be sure you have enough bids to cover your win, and then click on “Book a Bid Buddy”.

Now you can sit back and relax or get up and go about your business, but be sure to check back periodically to make sure you have enough bids, often it will get down to two players and if you’re one of them your bids will get eaten up fast so beware!

The Bid Buddy is the best way to win an auction, I don’t bid manually at all anymore, if I do it’s just until the Bid Buddy page opens.  I use the Bid Buddy even if I’m only going to put in 5 bids, which I do often.  Early in the auction players can, at times, just be placing one bid a a time and if they lose track in only a few bids, it’s crazy but you could win with just a couple of bids if you’re in the Bid Buddy System.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your fellow players is to use the Bid Buddy.  Every player will eventually use only the Bid Buddy feature for bidding because they will win the most auctions that way.  Once you win a few that way, you will surely use it all the time, I never play without it!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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