DealDash: Staying Involved vs. Bid Buddy

When you first get started at DealDash you may be overly involved, just stomping in your bids at random times and quite frankly, losing bids like crazy.  Then you discover Bid Buddy!  The Bid Buddy places bids for you in your place and in your turn.  So, if there are 7 people in the auction and they are all using Bid Buddy, you will have a bid placed for you automatically every 7th bid (or penny cost of item).  For each bid the cost of the item goes up one cent. You hope you put in the largest number of bids to be the last bidder.

Staying active is very important in the beginning, you are learning how many bids you need to use to win certain auctions, but I do recommend you use the Bid Buddy.  So, now you want to branch out, play in more than one auction, this is a fun and exciting time, you are spreading your wings!  This isn’t the time to go rogue.  Use Bid Buddy in every auction you are in.  You can get involved in several auctions, but stay involved my managing all the auctions.  Tip: If you load 10 auctions at once all with 10 bids, they are all bound to end at once before you have a chance to reload them.  Perhaps a better plan would be to put 20 bids on each of 5 auctions.  By that time the field will have thinned out in a couple and managing is easier.

The juggling act is half the fun, so don’t get caught up in the fear of bidding.  Stay involved, especially with the items you really want.  I find I bid on items I don’t want all the time, usually to exchange for bids, but this is a sure way to lose your bids and walk away with nothing.  You have to be willing to lose a lot if you do this.  I’ve gotten used to losing, it wracks you with fear in the beginning, now I just say, “Oh well, you can’t win them all!”.  Don’t get me wrong, I win a lot, in fact, with the new rules, I win more than ever!

The main point here is that it’s best to use Bid Buddy, but it’s also important, especially in the beginning, to stay actively involved in the auction too.  You can do one or the other, but both is best. If you do stay involved and use Bid Buddy you can, as I call it, “micro manage” your auctions.  I will jump in and out of auctions depending on who is in it, how many bidders and the final price.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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DealDash Has The Goods!

ninja blenderNot only can you have a lot of fun shopping at DealDash, you can find just about anything you can imagine for your home, family or friends.  There are things you wouldn’t even think of buying if you went to the store, but when you win it at DealDash, it’s the best gift you could give.

juicerThey carry everything for your kitchen, from a blender to a juicer and a toaster to a microwave.  These are great gifts and you can always find someone on your shopping list to treat with these convenient items.   All of these items are on the DealDash occasional list.  They aren’t things you will find every single day, you have to do some planning.

furnitureWhen you find an item that you think you can use and it’s not on the market yet, be sure to “bookmark” it.  If the item is scheduled it will have a countdown clock on the auctions main page.  What you do to bookmark is click the little white star on the upper right hand corner of your item, it will turn yellow, and you’ll know you have it bookmarked.

solar lightsIf the item is planned for a future auction, you can choose the “Alert Me” tab and DealDash will let you know when it becomes a scheduled item. They will send you a few email notifications, all you have to do is show up and bid!

I like to have a nice selection of gifts in my present closest, and one of my favorites to give is the handsome selection of clocks at DealDash, many of the clocks are handmade and very clever in design.  There is a clock for everyone.

dd microwaveThere are many other homewares too, they have a nice selection of ottoman, wall art, lighting, and small furniture.  You will find these items on the site daily, they are always featuring a new design, but they  always have “clocks”.  Trust me when I tell you it’s not too early to start your holiday shopping at DealDash.  You don’t want to wait until the last moment to try to “win” all your gifts, smart winning takes time.  If you plan on Binning your items, you will be alright, just remember to shop for items you can afford to purchase if you don’t win it.

pink tools 87There is a great variety of outdoor items, like tents and patio supplies.  You can find items for your pool and yard, or games for outdoors.  They offer many of these items as “special” offers.  That means you may not find a tent every day on the site, but if you search “tents” you can bookmark and Alert the item.

Anything you can think of, any person on your gift list, any thing that could make you happy can be found at DealDash.  This is the best place to find great quality, everyday items for a fraction of the cost.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Graduation Gift Guide From Items Found On DealDash

Graduation time is here and the graduation parties are just around the corner. Now that your daughter, son, niece, nephew, cousin, friend, or brother or sister has completed their rite of passage by receiving their high school or college graduation it’s time to celebrate, and if they’re really special (of course they are!) it’s time to pick out a gift. galaxy 1. A Samsung Galaxy S5 SmartPhone Whether your grad is off to college or off to the work world a brand new smartphone can help them along the way. WIth all the latest apps in the Android Google Play store from calendars and e-mail to crisp, clear communications via phone, 16MP camera and video, a way to research, write, connect and communicate with friends, family, colleagues or clients. A smartphone is a brilliant choice for the smart graduate. Plus it’s water and dustproof (if they’re not so smart :-p). neatdeskscan 2. The Neat Company: NeatDesk for Mac SheetFed Scanner With this handy-dandy scanner your grad will need a Mac computer, so make sure they have one first (or include it as a gift!). It’s perfect if they’re on to the work world. The NeatDesk scanner allows ability to scan business cards, documents and more at up to 600 dpi resolution. A great way to get organized and convert important documents to digital form. Buy it now price is $356 on DealDash.

 3. Keurig One Cup Brew Coffee Makerkeurig
For all those late nights cramming for exams in college, or waking up in the morning for work if you grad is a coffee, tea, or eve hot cocoa drinker they will be sure to love the Keurig Platinum Brewer.
4. Philips – Wake-Up Light Clock Radio
After the late nights and before the coffee, your grad will definitely need this wake up light clock radio from Philips.

This clock radio helps ensure your wake-up process is pleasant with a halogen lamp that simulates a natural sunrise by gradually increasing light 30 minutes prior to your set wake-up time. Wake up to a bird signing, a beep or your favorite radio station.

Buy it now price is $100 on DealDash, or try to win for less in the auctions.

What are some gifts you plan on giving your grad?

Bid on Great Items for Kids at DealDash!

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas for your kids or grandchildren?  DealDash offers a lot of really cool products for kids.


Bazoongi Bouncy Castle

Are your kids bouncing off the walls? DealDash has the solution for you with the Bazoongi Bouncy Castle.  Great for parties or everyday outdoor fun! Up to 3 kids can jump, bounce and play in the Bouncy Castle. The Bouncy Castle offers easy set up, take down and storage. It’s enclosed on all 4 sides with velcro safety netting you won’t have to worry about the little ones falling off and injuring themselves as could happen on a regular trampoline!
When is this auction: An auction for a Bouncy Castle is ending right now on DealDash – and more auctions for this item are periodically offered. See
The average sales price of the Bouncy Castle on DealDash is $39.95 (3,995 bids). Bids are currently just $0.17 each for the Holiday Season!

VTech Kidizoom – Kid Friendly Digital Camera

 vtech kidizoom
Do you have a budding shutterbug? The VTech Kidizoom 1.3 mega pixel digital camera takes 4 AA batteries and is perfect for the beginning jr. photography. 

When: Coming soon to auction on DealDash click here to sign up to be notified of when it will be available!

 KidKraft Garage Playset

kidkraft playsetThis deluxe garage wooden playset is loaded with fun features to keep kids entertained for hours! The playset from KidKraft includes 6 cars and trucks, 4 smiling people, a helicoper and helipad, car wash with moving scrubbers, ticket booth and gas station, moving elevator, multi-level ramp that goes from top to ground level for cars and trucks to soar down!
When: Coming soon to auction on DealDash click here to sign up to be notified of when it will be available!

Discovery Kids Activity Laptop

discovery kids

Do your kids like to play with your laptop, or maybe just tap on the keyboard? Now you can bid on a laptop made just for them! The Discovery Kids activity laptop features more than 60 games and activities.
When: Coming soon to auction on DealDash click here to sign up to be notified of when it will be available!

Discovery Kids World Map

What better way to teach kids geography than this awesome wall map of the world! Featuring colorful regional animals, land markers, bodies of water and 76 labeling pieces.  Looks great on the wall of a child’s playroom or bedroom and is education at the same time.
When: Coming soon to auction on DealDash click here to sign up to be notified of when it will be available!

Kidcraft So Chic Dollhousekidkraft dollhouse

The So Chic dollhouse has three levels and 10 rooms filled with 45 pieces of furniture and a lot of fun for the little girl in your life.
When: Coming soon to auction on DealDash click here to sign up to be notified of when it will be available!


rockinghorseplayThe Discovery Kiddie-Ups Carousel Rocking Horse

Is perfect for kids aged 18 months to 3 years. The Carousel Rocking Horse is made of high quality Asian hardwood for solid and secure construction. When: Coming soon to auction on DealDash click here to sign up to be notified of when it will be available!
What would you like to see offered on DealDash for kids? Let us know!
New to DealDash and want to know how it works? Read DealDash Demystified