DealDash Dashboard Has the Answers

When bidding at DealDash there are a few things you can do using your Dashboard to help you win more auctions.  The Dashboard has useful information which gives you insight into your past bidding.  Use this information to make you a better player.  Along with the winning tips, there is information to help you keep organized as a player.

To find your Dashboard all you have to do is click the “My Dashboard” at the top of the Main page.  Here you will be brought to your Dashboard.  The information right on top is your current wins.  When you win, your item rests atop the page and awaits your payment.

Just below that is a list of your current open auctions.  I use this as a short cut to the auctions, here you will see how many bids you placed on and item and how many bids are left in your Bid Buddy.  Bid Buddy is the best way to win an auction, it bids for you while you shop for other items.

Below that is your Buy It Now open options.  The BIN option occurs when you play in an auction and decide to purchase the item, either you want to back out, or you’ve reached the BIN amount of bids, which means you’ve spent the value of the item on bids, if this happens and you purchase the item, you will get all those bids back!  As long as you didn’t win it.  If you won, great! But if you didn’t there is Binning.  These opportunities are open for one week after the auction closes.

Then, there is a list to the left of the page that has a wealth of information to help you think, remember and research.  The list contains the following information:

  • My Dashboard
  • Public Profile
  • Buy It Now History
  • Won Auctions
  • My Orders
  • Account Details
  • Bookmarked Auctions
  • Contact Support

Your Public Profile is where you choose a personal avatar, and place a comment into your profile.  Your comment is just a little something about yourself or some will use this space to try to make others believe they won’t give up, or they have a lot of bids.  There are as many comments as there are players at DealDash, some are funny, some tease and some use quotes.  Choose a style that’s best for you and use it to your advantage.  One common statement is “In it to win it” or “Win or BIN, I’m in!”   You can also use this space to throw players off your trail, like “I’ll never leave”.  It’s always good to have a comment that you won’t mind reading over and over because you will see it every time a bid is placed by you.

Your “Bookmarks” are a very important feature to help you win. Here is where I keep all the items I plan on getting involved with.  I put the item on on Bookmark by clicking the item on the main page.  There is a little white star on the corner of the auction, click that, it turns yellow and it’s on your list.  Simply by showing up to an auction the second it starts is the best way to win.  If everyone is asleep at the wheel you could essentially win the item for just a few pennies.  That is always fun!

Use the features DealDash has in place to help you win.  These are a couple of my favorite features, and you can use this information to help you win too!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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