New Items Added All The Time at DealDash

trackIt’s so much fun to bid and shop at DealDash, and it never gets old because they add new items all the time.  As soon as you see a new item that you would like to win, you should go for it.  You never know how quickly the item will go.  They might keep the item on the site for days, or months, there is really no way of knowing.

There are a few categories where DealDash adds new items to the familiar old items, for example, the art.  DealDash has an outstanding selection of Custom Art  and I see new paintings and metal art added all the time.  Some of the first paintings have now gone, so like with any original art, you have to CarpeDiem!

Other categories that adds new and updated items is video games, they are always adding new games and  gaming system.  Whenever there is something new to the industry, DealDash may offer it.  You do have to check the category often on the home page at DealDash.  There is a category for “Electronics and Computers”, so if you are in the market for a new gaming system look there often.  These are usually special offers and you must use the “Alert Me” button to have DealDash alert you when it comes on the market.  Using the “Alert Me” button sets an alarm at DealDash, and they then send you an email when it does come on the market.  This feature can be found in the individual auction, when you find an item you like, open the auction and the button is on the bottom of the auction.

laptopComputers are another category where you should check often.  They may have last seasons model which is easier to win, but they get the latest and greatest too, you just have to shop the category and you’ll see when they’re going to be scheduled.

The “New Items” category on the DealDash main page is a great place to see a broad view of all the new offerings at DealDash.  This is the best place to have DealDash alert you to when it will be available.  Sometimes it takes a few weeks for the item to be scheduled, so check often because the new items change all the time.  Then they may only offer it 5 times, so keep on top of your “Bookmarks”.

The best thing to take away with from this article, is that DealDash has a nice rotation of great prizes, some of them stick around for awhile, some come and go and new ones are added all the time.   Don’t forget to hit your “Bookmark” or set the “Alert Me” button so you can bid on your favorite new items.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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