Your DealDash Dashboard – A Helpful Tool

Don’t underestimate the power of your Dashboard.  It’s there and holds certain keys to the questions you have.  It’s much more fun to have all your stats in one place than to have nothing at all.  Your Dashboard has the numbers to help you win.

For example, how many bids did you use on a certain item? You can find that information in your “Bidding History”.  Then you can use this information to help you decide what to do in your next auction.  Perhaps you don’t want to use as many bids, or you think you could have used more bids.  You can also see who you did battle with in the list of Avatars in the auction, find out what the final price was, what sale was available at the time, it’s all good information to help you make an educated guess on your next auction.

Your “Won Auction” is a particularly interesting list.  You can see what you’ve won, and if it’s paid for or shipped, and  whether you exchanged it for bids.  Exchanging for bids is an option DealDash offers if you win an item, and based on its popularity, you will get an exchange, they keep the item and give you X amount of bids.  On average it’s about half, but it can be more or less if the items is very popular, it could be 100% bids, so if the item is $1920 dollars you will receive 1920 bids.  If that same item is not as popular, you may get 960 bids.  That’s not the only factor, others are availability and frequency of offer.

Your “Public Profile” is a useful tool, use it to define your game, encourage others, or perhaps send someone way off target from your bidding style.  There are so many clever profile comments, read a bunch and the right one for you will come.  I like to change my comment often, others have had the same comment as long as I’ve been bidding.  Some use only a dot ( . ) or ( / ).  There are quotes by famous people and snarky comments made up by the players.  Make it fun, you will read it over and over as the auction goes on.

Your “Buy It Now” Tab will let you know if you’ve purchased an item and how many bids you received for your purchase.  You can use this information to see previous thresholds for buying the item.  Hopefully, you didn’t over BIN!

Once you’ve won an auction you can find it directly on the top of your open Dashboard, there you can see all the prizes you have open for purchase, this is also where you can do the exchange for bids if you choose. Just click on the “Pay Now” tab and both options are there to, 1. pay for it or 2. exchange it.

Watch your own stats on your Dashboard and learn from your wins and losses.  This is a convenient tool and DealDash wants you to win, so check your Dashboard often, once in awhile you might open it and see you’ve won a prize and didn’t even know it!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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