Exchanging Won Products for More DealDash Bids

Why would we want to exchange auction products won on DealDash.com for more bids? Let us take a look at some reasons we might choose to do that or might not choose to do that.

Reasons to Exchange for Bids

  1. If we exchange an auction product we won for bids instead, we do not have to pay the closing price for the product. We can get the bids free. If the closing cost is higher than we anticipated, it might be better exchanging the auction product for free bids instead.
  2. If we win a product for just a few bids, but we could exchange it for a lot more bids, we might want the bids more than the product.
  3. If I see an auction product that looks like it will close for just a few bids, I might not really want or need the product, but I might place some bids on it, anyway, if I have a good chance of winning so I can exchange it for more bids.
  4. Perhaps we did not yet win the merit badge for exchanging a product for free bids. If we are trying to win more merit badges, we might want to make an exchange to win that particular badge.

Reasons Not to Exchange for Bids

  1. When I win an auction, the number of bids being offered in exchange for my auction product might not appear to be worth the exchange. Sometimes I might think a higher number of bids should be offered to make it more equivalent to the value of the product.
  2. If I win a high-dollar, hard-to-win auction product, that took me a long time to win, I will not exchange it for free bids, especially if I’m not allowed to win more than one.
  3. If I win a product that rarely goes up for auction, I most likely would not want to exchange it for bids.

Bottom Line

I can see both advantages and disadvantages for exchanging a winning auction for bids. We each must weigh the pros and cons and decide for ourselves if it makes sense to do so or not.


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