Setting Up Your DealDash Account

You’ve come to the right place if you want to try Penny Auctions, DealDash is by far the best site out there, they really set the bar.  They are among the first and now the longest in business Penny Auction sites.

The first thing you want to do to set up your account is to create a public profile.  Your profile is yours forever, and you’ll be remembered by other players for how you play and by the Avatar you choose.  You need four things to get started.  First, buy your initial Bid Pack you, will purchase 60 bids for $36.  This is plenty of bids to see if you like bidding and you will most likely get a full return on this investment because DealDash wants you to win, so there are special auctions just for new players. While you do that you will be prompted to choose your username.  Be creative, it’s more fun.  You and other players will repeat that name over and over in their minds, pick one you’re happy with.

Third, and you don’t have to do this right away, create a catchy profile comment.  DealDash allows each player a paragraph of comments which sits under your Avatar, your comment needs approval from DealDash and that takes a few hours to a day.  That’s the fourth thing you need to do, choose a stock avatar provided by DealDash or upload a photo of your choice.  If you choose to upload a photo it will need to be approved by DealDash and that takes about a day.

At first, you’re considered a “Newbie”, the newbie is usually a diamond in the rough, you just need a little polishing.  A newbie my not be as considerate as a long-time player because they stomp out bids instead of using Bid Buddy, the automatic bidding feature DealDash has is place.  My point being, use your Bid Buddy right out of the gate, you will win more!

So, you have your bids, username, comment and avatar.  You are ready to bid!  Remember to check out more blog post for tips on how to play the game and win.  Read the Rules and Tip & Tactics, they are very helpful for the “never-ever”

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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