Bidding on a Budget at DealDash

You might have noticed that DealDash has a new bid pack size for $7, this is the perfect size if you need to add a quick 50 bids to an item you have in auction.  You can also stick to a strict budget with this size.  I often wished I could just get a quick-50 bids, and now I can.

To have a successful bidding experience, it’s always convenient to have a large number of bids in your account at one time, but when you are bidding on a budget, stick to items that you can also afford to buy.   If you buy an item you’ve been bidding on DealDash will refund you the bids you used.  That’s called “Binning” or “BIN” both short for Buy It Now.  You never have to leave empty-handed at DealDash, so bid within your means and you won’t have to.

That means you really don’t want to bid on items you are just looking to exchange for bids, if you lose that auction, you will end your day with no items.  Look over the items for the next 24 hours, choose items you could use for a gift, if you have a $150 budget on that one person, you could essentially win an item in that price range with the 50 bids, so you got your item and you only spent $7 for a $150 gift, but if you didn’t win, you purchase the item and you get the 50 bids back.  Win-Win

But, if you can purchase an item at $500 buy the 2000 or 3000 bid pack and you will have plenty of bids to win so many single items, stay focused on that one item, that is so important when bidding on a budget.  If you start bidding in too many other auctions you will be out of bids before you know it, and when you purchase an item, you won’t get as many bids back.

Also, you are earning free bids the whole time you are bidding for your Time As High Bidder.  DealDash rewards every player with free bids everyday, this is something we earn by being the “highest bidder”.  Every time you place a bid there is about 9 seconds before Bid Buddy places the next players bid, this time is yours and it earns you time toward your next level.  Once there, you get the bids.  These free bids run into the thousands, just keep bidding, you’ll keep earning.

Another way to waste bids is by not using Bid Buddy.  If you stomp in your bids manually, you will get stomped back thereby canceling any free bids you could be earning with your Free Bid Meter.  Likewise, if someone is in the auction stomping on your bids, it doesn’t make sense to stay involved.  You need those free bids, and there is always another item right around the corner.

Try to conserve bids.  Bid on items you can afford to buy.  Protect your free bids, they are as good as  money in the bank, and try not to overbid, no one gets a bargain that way.  Tip: There is an exception to that rule;  If you reach the next level and just got a whole bunch of free bids, go ahead and use those to bid, you never know, and if the item is during a free sale or a 50% off sale, even better!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!