Winning Only Bid Packs at DealDash

1000-bid-packThere is an entire culture of players at DealDash that loves to just win bid packs.  If you plan on winning bid packs too, you should try to learn who they are.  The first line of defense is to watch a handful of bid pack auctions. Try watching more that one, it doesn’t help if you are only seeing a couple of players, you want to see who is bidding hard on the bid packs.

Write down a list of names and characteristics, this is a guide to your future bidding.  I am a firm believer in “planning” to win.  That entails shopping, setting alarms and showing up on time for an auction.  Once in the auction you can assess the players, and there are a few different types.

There is the guy who comes in and stays the whole time, they will bid many more than the bid pack price and usually are using free bids they got for Time As High Bidder to win.  They can be avoided by staying away from the auction, they can’t be in every auction, although some try, so you will have a chance.  There is no hurry, if you don’t get in this one, there is one right around the corner.  DealDash releases bid packs constantly throughout a 24 hour period.

Bid during the off hours.  Try winning your bid packs at night, there are usually less players, and you could win for less.  Also, start with small packs and parlay into bigger packs.  Don’t get caught up in a bidding war over a 150 bid pack, use only a few bids, you don’t want to use all the bids you have to get less than you started with.  Bids weigh the same, so whether you go for a 150 pack or a 1500 pack, you can win with a few bids, or it may take more, but why not go for the big pack?

I always bid on the front end of a bid pack, the end is so volatile.  There are some players who like to join in the auction long after others have bid many bids, so to out smart them bid early because the auction often ends long before they come back.  Being a Jumper doesn’t mean you win more, it’s just a strategy.

Stay away from Stompers, those who bid without using a Bid Buddy, if you value your free bids for Time As High Bidder, and you love bids if you’re bidding on bid packs, so you must simply get out of an auction with a stomper.  Stomping back doesn’t pay, it’s a lose-lose situation.

I love bids too, but I refuse to use 1000 bids to win 1000 bids, others don’t, get to know the difference between those two bidding styles.  The fun thing about bids is there are a lot of players who don’t play for them at all, so once you get to know the crowd, it’s just you, them and the Newbies…they love bid packs too!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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