The Seasoned Pro at DealDash

By “Seasoned Pro” I mean a player who has been actively bidding at DealDash since the beginning in 2009 or soon there after.  I’ve been playing about 2 1/5 years, and I’m still learning.  If you want to win like a pro at DealDash, you have to think like a pro, and that entails having some restraint. You can’t come in on your first day and pounce bids in after every player, you will soon be out of bids, and that’s just a waste of money.

The seasoned pro knows that you need to have a good amount of bids to win a big ticket item, well into the thousands, you may not use all of them, but you should plan on needing all of them if you “are in it to win it”, otherwise, you are just hoping you win a big ticket item with a few bids, does it happen? yes, of course it does, but you can’t count on it.  You can however, count on using a lot of bids to win an item over $1000 and some really popular lower value items as well.

Seasoned pros at DealDash have patience, you can watch an auction and know when a good time to get in is, for me it’s all about the odds, so if there are a few players in the auction, the odds are better, I’m in, and I’m playing with the best players on the site.  But, to have patience is a great seasoned trait.  You shop for just the right item, that means you don’t bid on everything in sight.  If you do bid on everything in site, have a  bundle of bids, you’re going to need them.

Most players are fair, some like to be rude, they aren’t doing anything wrong by jumping into an auction really late, it’s just not nice, and I see it often.  They can be outsmarted with their own game.  I find a good amount of seasoned pros do this.  It’s a jump fest and usually the same handful of players, so as soon as you know who they are, you’ll do well to conserve bids around their game.

The Seasoned Pro always buys their bids on sale, DealDash offers different sales throughout the week and often, usually once a week, you can find bids on sale for .12 cents each, and if you can bid during a Bid Multiplier sale, the combination of the two will maximize your bid count.

You can bid like a pro if you bid like one, use some restraint, have patience, load up on bids when they are on sale, and please don’t be rude, it’s not becoming!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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