What takes 1000 Bids or More at DealDash?

There is a good handful of items that take at least 1000 bids to win at DealDash, don’t fool yourself into believing you will come in and win a $5000 item with 200 bids.  There are many, many players who have been at it for years still trying to win that one popular and famous item like the Apple MacPro.  Yes, you can win one at DealDash for $8, but the plan should not be to come in and get it with a few hundred bids.

The Apple MacBookPro is not the only item that is “hard to win”, I put it in quotes because you just might win it with a few bids, it does happen, but more than anything it doesn’t happen.  You can’t count on someone else having bad luck.

There are more items that require more than 1000 bids on average. Technology in general is difficult to win. You should plan on a few things, 1. Plan on bidding only in this one auction and it might take days to win.   2. Plan on Binning, if you do win it’s a thrill and if you don’t win and BIN, you get your bids back on an item you really needed.  I have Binned technology more than once, but I’ve also won it….more than once.

The high end drone is usually not won with less than 1000 bids, you can try and try, but what I’ve found to be the most successful with this item its to “lock and load” as I call it.  Set up 100’s of bids and either be willing to BIN (Buy It Now for bids back) or to walk away from the bids you tried to use to win it.  It’s ok to let the bids go.  I have learned that walking away gives me more pride than buying another 1000 bids.  At times it really is better to just walk away!

A cell phone, it doesn’t matter which one, any good cell phone is hard to win.

There are a few garden items that are really hard to win with less than 1000 bids and one is the Pop-up Green House valued at about $700.  There are a few other green houses valued in the “hundreds” and they are defiantly easier to win.  This is also a category where knowing the competition is a real bonus for not overbidding.

$500 gift cards to anywhere especially Walmart.  All gift cards at this level are hard to win.  Many players who play the cards are in it because they are going to spend the money at the store anyway, so they might as well rack up the “BIN” amount of bids and win it, this leads to many other players overbidding.  If you want to BIN on a $500 gift card, you would calculate the amount of the item divided by the cost of bids and it gives you the maximum number of bid to place on this item,  The chances of you getting it for much less is great because most people are simply trying to win the $500 for a deal.  But if you take $500/.15=3333 bids is what you would put in your  Bid Buddy and leave there until you won.  Whatever the amount is better than full price and even full price isn’t a bad thing, you are going to shop there anyway.

Amazing holiday items like a light up Christmas Tree.  I have used 100’s of bids on many auctions trying to win this one,  I will win it if I put all 1000 bids on it.  I’ll try again this Autumn.  It just has to be a priority and the only auction I bid in.  That is key!

This is just the tip of the Ice Burg!  There are so many cool items at DealDash and the Cream of the Crop is waiting for us, but we need to be prepared.  If you are going for the big item, the popular item, have the bids to do it. If you decide to go for it with just 200 bids, expect to lose them.  You might win, but you probably won’t.

It’s my plan today to enlighten you to some prizes that take over 1000 bids to win.  This is a non comprehensive list and I will continue this conversation in another blog.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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