DealDash Tips: How to Win Bid Packs

By Barbara

Did you ever win a bid pack on

I used to bid on bid packs a lot. Then one day I realized that bids are only bids. If all I used my bids for was to win more bids, what good were they?  We cannot eat our bids and we cannot wear our bids. In fact, bids are no good for nothing except to win something other than bids.

DealDash often puts bid packs up for auction. They come in various sizes, from 100 to 4,000. I used to think if I bid on a small bid pack, it would be much easier to win, but it does not always turn out like that. Sometimes I see larger bid packs go for less money than the small ones.

Perhaps others thought the same thing I did and, therefore, the smallest bid packs ended up having the most customers and even more competition, instead of less. I challenge you to just watch. It might surprise you to see higher bid packs often go for less money than the smaller ones.

Therefore, the smartest thing to do might be to keep our eyes open for the bid packs with the least amount of competition. Instead of bidding on the smallest bid packs, we should be bidding on the packs with the fewest number of competitors.

Yes, bids are only bids, but if we start winning bid packs, we could eventually save enough to win our favorite auction product.

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