Best Times To Bid at DealDash

Whenever you show up at the DealDash site is a fun time to bid, there are winners every couple of minutes, but are you bidding at the right time?  There is some question to whether or not there are better times to bid, and I am here to tell you, there certainly are.  The best way to see how crowded the site is would be to go into a popular auction, like a TV or a computer.  Count the number of players who got involved. You will see between 20-120 players, this is a good indicator to the site load.

First, you want to bid when the site isn’t overloaded with players.  There is always a crowd on the weekends.  Many players work all week, they are too busy to come to the site, but on the weekends, it’s a free-for-all!  You can also imagine that if you get paid on Friday, you’re going to join the fun for the weekend.

Second, some sales will have an influence on the number of players, for example, when there is a bid multiplier on the free bids DealDash rewards us, or if the final price of the item is one penny during a Free Event.  A sale where there is a No New Bidder after $3 is a great time to bid, this type of sale happens occasionally, and it reduces the field of players because no one can join the auction after the retail price reaches $3.

Mondays seem to be very busy.  I have noticed the residual players on Monday, they are still battling it out from the weekend.  That’s the beauty of DealDash, it’s a battle, and we love it!  So, those are the day of the weeks that are usually very busy.  But what time of day is best?

The time of day is important because the number of players wains in the wee hours of the night, then the number of players is usually lower, so you do have an advantage after midnight California time.  You can’t really play for the East Coast, it’s all about California because they are hours behind the East, you must factor them in.  One thing I like about the middle of the night is, players fall asleep at the wheel, literally, and their Bid Buddy runs out of bids before morning, that’s a great time to swoop in an win.

I like to bid on a daily basis right around what I call “drive time”  That’s when workers across America are driving to or from work.  That would be around 8AM on either coast. That helps eliminate the workers, but there are a lot of Grandmas and Grandpas on DealDash, they bid day and night and never sleep.  It helps to get to know them and actually avoid getting in a battle with them.

Who you are bidding against is just as important as what time it is, it’s all part of the strategy you need to develop to play DealDash.  Your wins may feel random, but it you plan to win, you will do better.  It’s not practical to just join the site and start randomly bidding.  Do yourself a favor and do some planning.

I’ve found mid week and mid day to be a great time to bid.  There seems to be the least amount of players, however, you will find those grandparents bidding during those hours.

A bit of advice, when you are trying to figure out which time of day suits you best, get some sleep. I stayed up for days at a time in the beginning, it’s such a learning curve, I didn’t want to stop.  What I can share with you is, you can use your Bid Buddy, and be generous.  There is always another one tomorrow or even later today, the popular items are usually offered in cycles, check the auction to see when the last offer was.

These are a few of the tips I can share with you to help you win.  You win more, I win more, we all win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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