Tips for Winning Last Minute Auctions

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Are you a “last minute” type of person? It’s possible to win an auction last minute, here are some tips from DealDash.

Do you do things at the very last minute? Might some people call you a bit of a procrastinator? Normally, I recommend doing research on the auctions and the bidders you go up against. However, if you’re just naturally a last minute type of person you will enjoy reading these tips that are just for you.

Stick to Low-Value Auctions

Bidding last minute and winning is possible, but it’s doubtful that you will win high-valued items. If bidding last minute is your preferred method, then stick to the low-valued auctions. What do I mean by low-valued? In the DealDash world, things under $200 are considered lower-valued. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t great items or auctions, they are just a lower price.

There are lots of great items that are under $200 such as sheet sets, necklaces, rings, candles, bid packs, purses and laptop bags, and many more things. Just because things are priced lower doesn’t mean that they aren’t good quality, these are nice items that come with manufacturer’s warranties included.

Bid on One of Many

Have you noticed that DealDash offers the same or similar items a few times per day? If you’re in the mood to win a last minute auction, then seek out these items. If there are 2 or more items that are the same or very similar going on at the same time, then you have a better chance of winning one quickly than a highly sought after and rare item.

Try Bidding on Bid Packs

Bid packs are something that every bidder can use, and they come up for auction many, many times per day. Bid packs are great for a quick win because they often end for a low price, therefore ending fairly quickly. You probably could have figured this out on your own, but if you stick to bid packs of 100 or less they will usually end fast. Just click on this link right here and it will take you to all of the current auctions for bid packs.

Thanks for Reading

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Have a few minutes? Then you have time to bid! Win last minute auctions on DealDash today. DealDash has it all! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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