It’s All in the Comment at DealDash

Recently, I’ve noticed what I say in my Profile comment really has an impact on what I win.  I’ve said “something nice about myself” and I’ve said something like….well, like I might win. Frankly, the “I might win” has gotten me more wins.

It seems that it just doesn’t pay to simply “say something nice about yourself” I’ve done that over and over and I never really thought my words mattered very much, but my latest comment has reaped many rewards.

I can’t tell you what I said, but what I can tell you is that it is the vain that, I am a winner and I’m going to win this auction too.  It seems a positive comment gets the win.

I have seen many people comment about playing fair, and being kind, but these gentle comments don’t exactly pull in the wins.  I can’t be sure if the wins come from the stern comments, but it sure looks like it.

I’ve given so much thought to what I say in my comments, and over the years I’ve had some good ones and some not so good ones.  I never really thought the comment was winning the auctions because I was so sure that my playing was winning, but what I’ve learned is the comment has a lot to do with it.

You have to think about what you’re going to say. If you are mean, people will stomp you.  If you are weak, people will jump you.  You have to find a comment that will play into your style of bidding.

It’s really special if you can come up with a comment that doesn’t hurt anyone, and yet exemplifies the fact that you will win in spite of the fact you may be a “little guy”.

There are so many players who waste their comments by saying one of the “default” comments that DealDash has put up.  I’ve done it, I’ve done it for months at a time.  Then, I change my comment and win a bunch of auctions.

Think hard about what you want to say to your fellow players, let it be a little aggressive, don’t let it be mean or nasty.  Alway go with your best interest in mind.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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